The 2018 Brow Trends You Need to Know About

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2018 Eyebrow Trends

The Barely There Brow

Definitely not one for the bold brow lover! Whether you choose to bleach your brows out completely or opt for just a hint of colour at your next brow appointment, the Barely There Brow is one of my top brow trend predictions for 2018.

There might not be many people that can wear a bleached brow while still looking fabulous. However, requesting your HD Brows Stylist tones down the tint will create a much softer, lighter shade that can help create this look!

The Boy Brow

Kendall Jenner has been a strong contender for queen of the flat brow. However, I feel the flat brow will soon be overtaken by the Boy Brow. It’s a case of “Arch? What arch?!” – the flatter, the better.

The baseline of the brow has absolutely no arch and sits completely flat. The top of the brow however still has a slight incline and then declines at the tail. Keep the makeup minimal and use the High Definition Brow Highlighter underneath to give that extra edge and help emphasise that archless arch.

The Undone Brow

We started to see this brow trend slowly creep in towards the end of 2017, with more and more people opting to take on the daring look. Textured, brushed up brows have been a big trend and it isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s just getting more extreme!

Brush your brows as high as your dreams with a super long lasting brow gel. The HD Brow Beater will be your best friend for this look. As for the undone part, there’s not a neat, crisp edge in sight so keep hair removal to a minimum. The undone look is always the hardest to master, whether it be makeup or brows so leave this one to a professional. A single hair can make or break.

The Colour Pop Brow

For those who dare! If you’re wanting to make a statement (or you’re just feeling extra), this final brow trend of 2018 could be the one for you.

This trend isn’t so much about the brow itself and would work with a variety of different styles. So, what is it you ask? It’s all about that bold pop of colour. Start your eyeshadow in the brow and blend down to the lid. Think of it as an ‘upside down smokey eye’. This look certainly isn’t for everyone but it will sure make you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re thinking of switching up your brow look for 2018, it’s time to book in with your nearest HD Brows Stylist.

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