Throughout the month of April we’re banishing those myths that beauty stops at a certain age, in fact were making it our mission to remind you that beauty has no age-limit. We’re firm believers that ageing should be approached positively and new beauty treatments and make up should be embraced and celebrated. To put this into context, here’s a few of our favourite age defying beauties who have never looked better.


Beth Djalali, founder of Style At A Certain Age, shares her age-defying fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips to over 55,000 social media followers and devoted blog visitors every single day. The 58 year olds ‘love life, feel fabulous’ philosophy to aging adds to her jaw-dropping beauty. So, we had to ask her, what is your secret?

“Now that’s a good question. Of course, the sage advice of my mother holds true: drink plenty of water, wash your face day and night, and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. But I also think a happy life and a regular exercise regimen is key. If you want your skin to glow, throw in a sweaty workout! Let’s not fear ageing, let’s embrace it and find new adventures to embark upon.

Audrey Hepburn once said, ‘happy girls are the prettiest’ and I quite agree. Helen Mirren comes to mind when I think of age defying role models. She’s living proof that women of a certain age aren’t invisible. On the contrary, they’re fabulous!”


Gabrielle Union is renowned for her flawless skin and Hollywood smile, can you believe she’s 41 (we can’t!). Recently the actress shared her age defying beauty secrets in an interview with The Beauty Bean. When speaking about her au natural makeup tricks she confessed: “a heavier brow makes you look more youthful!” – of course we have to agree, after all, we’re all about the brows!

Jennifer Lopez is 47 and gets more gorgeous every year! Well-known for the ‘JLo Glow’ and textured fuller brow, her style and confidence is what age defies Jenny from the block. Why not try our iridescent Illuminator to add instant sophisticated glamour to your face and body to recreate this look?

Helen Mirren is not only a British treasure, but a timeless beauty too. Aged 71, she’s now more philosophical about her image “when you’re young and beautiful you’re paranoid and miserable – now if I don’t look so good I don’t care as much”. Dame Helen recently said in an interview about her beauty selection “It’s all about how it makes me feel better that day” and that really is point, isn’t it? We want to look and feel good.



HD Brows is a bespoke treatment suitable for all ages, most importantly, it’s totally tailored to you. To banish those myths that only a young beauty buff can achieve brows of their dreams (and to give you a little bit of brow-spiration), below are a few of our favourite age defying transformations from a more mature beauty shopper. You can see why the HD Brows treatment has been referred to as a mini-facelift!

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Remember, we don’t get older – we get better!