Black Friday Retailing Tips & Trends

21st Nov 2017 | By Ellie Gaudiosi
Black Friday retail tips and trends

Retail sales are a great way to boost your salon’s earnings (you can read more on this here), so it seems like a no-brainer that you should get involved with the biggest shopping day of the year!

It can be easy to assume that Black Friday is only for the big retailers but as the annual event grows in popularity, offers are popping up everywhere from department stores and supermarkets to small, independent businesses.
If you want to boost your retail sales and get involved in Black Friday, here are our top 10 tips and tricks.

1.) It’s not all online

If you’re worried that you’ll miss out to online retailers, fear not! This retail report found that shoppers are hunting out Black Friday deals both online and in store to make sure they get the very best price. Promoting your offers on social media and in salon gives you the best chance to grab the attention of these bargain hunters.

2.) Encourage gift voucher sales

If you offer gift vouchers there’s no doubt that you’ll see an increase in sales in the run up to Christmas, but the Black Friday weekend is the perfect time to really push those sales. A study found that gift vouchers are on eight out of ten Christmas lists, and with three quarters of shoppers waiting for Black Friday to start their present shopping, it’s peak season!

3.) Get social

Obviously, social media is your biggest asset when it comes to pushing Black Friday. It’s important you post at peak times to make the most of your social media messages. From trials on our own social media accounts, we find things posted at lunchtime (around 12pm) or in the evening (7pm-9pm) perform the best as people tend to scroll through their phone when on a lunch break or on the sofa at home.

This works for us but you know your clients best, so see what works for you.

4.) Offer exclusive discounts for special clients

To maintain client loyalty and say thank you to those people that have been coming to you for years, why not offer them a personalised Black Friday promotion? If they return for their brows doing every 4 weeks like clockwork, you could give them a treatment discount or get in touch to let them know the product they just can’t live without is now reduced for one weekend only.

5.) Take part in #SmallBusinessSaturday

The day after Black Friday is Small Business Saturday. An initiative started by American Express to support small, local and independent businesses, Small Business Saturday has become hugely popular. In fact, in 2016 a record 112 million shoppers participated. Once Black Friday has finished, make sure you’re talking about #SmallBusinessSaturday on social media on Saturday 24th December.

6.) Use hashtags

On that note, using hashtags in general is an amazing way of helping people find you on social media. When posting about your offers, obviously you should be using #BlackFriday, but don’t forget to hashtag your location (e.g. #Leeds, #Newcastle) to help local people find your posts.

We have even more info on using hashtags here.

7.) Host a special event

You may not have the footfall of a high street shop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get people through your doors even when they’re not booked in. Try hosting an exclusive event in salon over the Black Friday weekend where you can showcase products, demo treatments and let them know about your limited time offers. We all like the VIP treatment, so free fizz, food and special offers is sure to go down well. Plus after a busy day of sale shopping, an evening of relaxation would be a welcome treat.

8.) Make it last

In a bid to avoid one hectic day (and boost sales even more), Black Friday offers are now lasting more than one day. Start them early and let them run all weekend to get maximum impact! To avoid clogging up your social media with the same Black Friday message; why not push a different offer or product each day?

9.) Get your timings right

If you’re planning on sending out emails to your clients to promote your offers, send them at the peak times for top success.

This study found the best times to send out your emails are:

• Black Friday – 8.30am
• Black Friday – 6.00pm
• Saturday – 8.00am
• Sunday – 7.00pm
• Cyber Monday – 8.00am
• Cyber Monday – 7.30pm

Although this study involved a lot of research, you may need to tweak slightly according to your business. No one knows your clients like you do.

10.) Get involved

Finally, not matter how big or small your offer, it’s worth getting involved to give your sales a boost. Experts are forecasting that UK shoppers will spend £10.1 billion over the week of Black Friday, so it seems like a no-brainer to get involved and take your share of some of these sales.

Here’s to a successful Black Friday.

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