Can I get HD Brows at home?

15th May 2020 | By Holly Lowson
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We know that the brow struggle is real right now. There are tons of DIY brow kits on the market that promise to help you wax, laminate, tint and thread your way to that fresh brow feeling at home. Despite their promises of a salon-quality finish, we’re here to remind you that brow treatments should be left in the trusted hands of professionals. Do we need to remind you of the over plucked brows of your youth?

Whether you’ve been searching for brow lamination kits or looking for the best way to thread your own eyebrows, here’s why you should step away from the DIY brow kits.

Can I do brow lamination at home?

There’s no doubt that brow lamination is the hottest brow trend right now; brow lovers want to recreate supermodel-esque, feathery brows that last up to 6 weeks. With salons closed, it’s no surprise that people are interested in DIY brow lamination, with the hope of getting their fluffy brow fix at home. You’ve watched a YouTube video and read the instructions; surely it can’t be that hard, right?

Brow lamination isn’t as simple as brushing up your brows with a gel; it’s a two-step eyebrow perming treatment that involves a lot of skill. With a professional HD Brows BrowSculpt  treatment, your stylist will consider numerous things, including an initial consultation and brow mapping. Lamination can drastically change your eyebrow’s shape, so mapping out the new shape and creating it with a combination of hair removal methods is a crucial step. The process of lamination often lifts the colour of the eyebrow hair, so a professional brow stylist will custom mix a tint in order to create the perfect colour match for you. 

The level of expertise offered with a professional brow treatment is worth considering if you’re thinking about DIY brow lamination (which we really wouldn’t recommend). Brow stylists are trained in the exact length of time to leave on perming solutions, as well as creating the correct tint colour. 

When using brow lamination kits at home, you could leave the perming solution on for too long which can result in chemical burns, hair loss and brow hairs drying out (or even dropping off completely). If that wasn’t enough, if you don’t get your tint colour mix and timings right, you can up with extra dark brows that don’t suit your face. Ultimately, a professional BrowSculpt treatment offers a fully bespoke, tailored approach that is no match for DIY brow lamination.

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Are other DIY brow treatments safe?

We would always recommend leaving brow treatments to a professional stylist. Interested in how to thread your own eyebrows, or how to wax your own eyebrows?  If you’re thinking about threading or waxing your brows at home, you might want to reconsider…

Eyebrow threading takes a lot of practise and technique; typically, a brow stylist will take a piece of thread, twist it and roll the thread over eyebrow hairs to remove them quickly and effectively. Brow threading kits can have severe consequences on not only the shape of your eyebrows, but the surrounding skin. If the skin isn’t pulled tight enough, the quick back and forth motion of the thread can easily cut your skin. It’s extremely difficult to thread your own eyebrows and tighten your skin at the same time by yourself, therefore the chances of cutting your skin is much higher when using at-home threading kits.

Likewise, waxing your eyebrows at home can potentially burn the skin and result in grazes, which can cause significant damage. Waxing is a painful process that can irritate the skin and cause redness, especially if the correct technique is not used. DIY eyebrow waxing kits can contain products that are non-hypoallergenic, potentially risking an allergic reaction. The safe option is to leave waxing to a professional brow stylist. 

If you really, really have to get rid of some of those stray hairs, consider using tweezers as an alternative to maintain your brow shape. Ideally, use this time to grow out your brows, so that when you return for a treatment, your stylist has the perfect base to work with when this is all over.

Written By: Holly Lowson

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