Can Men Get HD Brows?

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Male grooming is growing rapidly. With more men trying the latest male grooming products and treatments than ever before, we find a lot of them asking, “is HD Brows for men?”. The answer is absolutely. Everyone can benefit from the HD Brows treatment.

Will my brows look too feminine/overly done?

Men can be a little unsure when it comes to getting their brows done. However, our stylists are brow experts and they understand that men’s brows are totally different to women’s brows. There’s no need to worry about walking out of the salon with the perfect arched power brows, unless that’s what you ask for.

Our stylists have had professional training when it comes to brows. They will do a full consultation to find out you want your brows (and what you definitely don’t want).

Can I keep my brows looking natural?

HD Brows for men can work regardless of how perfected or undone you wish to have them. A subtle tidy up of unruly brows is totally achievable. You can skip the tint for a more natural look and keep hair removal to a minimum giving an almost unnoticeable change. Instagram influencer and model Thiago Lazzarato paid HD Brows a visit last month for his first ever brow treatment. He confessed on arrival how nervous he was as he was scared they would look too done and perfect. However, after the treatment Thiago loved the subtle change and the HD Brows treatment.

Male brows after HD Brows
Thiago’s brows after his first HD Brows treatment

Can I get a groomed finish?

Groomed but not perfected? No problem! This is the most commonly requested brow style by men, giving a cleaner groomed look whilst still looking natural. This style was highly requested by the celebrity and professional skaters when we did the brows on this year’s Dancing on Ice. Male clients like Jake Quickenden, Alex Beresford and Max Evens all had the HD Brows treatment regularly to make sure their brows were ready for your TV screens.

Jake Quickenden on Dancing on Ice
Jake Quickenden after his HD Brows treatment

Can I get a power brow?

Now for the power brow! For you guys that like a little more structure to your brows, our stylists will know exactly how to create this. Our HD Brows stylist Charlotte Habibi created a defined, flat brow on model Oliver Charles Wheeler.

Male model black and white photo

The most important thing is to not be scared of getting a HD Brows treatment. The initial idea can be daunting but we are sure you will walk out a HD convert. Remember, consultation is key so be sure to explain to your stylist exactly what you want and don’t want. Pictures are always a good idea too! Find your nearest HD Brows stylist here.

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