Could this be the most flattering brow shade?

19th Oct 2020 | By Ellie, Team HD

Here at HD Brows, we’re passionate about bespoke brows for all. Your eyebrows should be as unique as your fingerprints, with a shade and shape that is totally tailored to you and your style. While we don’t advise a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to brows, we may just have found the most flattering eyebrow shade ever. Want to know how one single eyebrow shade can create endless looks? Keep reading to find out.

What is Smoke?

Smoke is one of our six signature eyebrow shades. It’s a grey-blonde with cool undertones –  not a hint of warmth in sight. It’s a light, ashy shade that is great for creating a soft finish. Smoke is available across our core eyebrow range, so whether you like a pencil (retractable or old school), pomade or gel, you can rock the ashy look.

The best eyebrow colour for… everyone?

We don’t mean this in a ‘one-shade-suits-all’ kind of way; we always recommend choosing a shade that suits you. However, Smoke is an incredibly versatile shade that can be used by most to create an incredibly natural brow finish. If you’re all about that natural, fluffy brow look but don’t want to be left with sparse gaps, a brow pencil in Smoke is your secret weapon.

“Smoke acts as a natural shadow under your eyebrow hairs would,” explains Lead HD Brows stylist, Jamie Long. “The light colour and ashy tone create a natural looking shadow to add fullness and depth. You can then add in details in your chosen brow shade. Try adding in realistic hair strokes with the Pro Pencil, or brush through some tinted brow gel.”

The best eyebrow colour for… cool-toned blondes

Blonde eyebrow pencils tend to lean towards those warm golden and caramel blonde tones, but not all blondes were created equally. The cool tones of Smoke make it ideal for those with platinum locks or just those who don’t like to go for an overly warm eyebrow finish.

The best colour for… pastel hair

Pastel shades are super on trend at the moment, but can make it tricky to decide what brow shade to go for. The ashy undertones of Smoke perfectly complement the soft hues of pastel hair for a flattering finish.

The best colour for… grey hair

Whether you’ve dyed it grey or are a natural silver fox, Smoke is the shade for you. With strong cool undertones, this shade is perfect if you want your brows to match your tresses. The soft finish allows you to enhance and define your arches in a way that isn’t too dark or bold.

Want to try it out for yourself? All of our Smoke products currently have 25% off for a limited time only, along with Raven (for black and deep, dark brows) and Siren (for redheads). Enter code SHADES25 at checkout to redeem.

Written By: Ellie, Team HD

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