How to Use the HD Brows Pro Pencil for Instantly Fuller Brows

5th Mar 2020 | By
Kim O'Sullivan of the Dublin Make Up Academy with Jamie Long, HD Brows Lead Stylist

Whether you like them strong and defined or soft and fluffy, there’s no denying that thick eyebrows are in. While celebrities like Cara Delevinge and Lily Collins are rocking the look with their naturally full brows, some of us are left with brow envy as we try to fill in our sparse arches.

When filling in sparse eyebrows, it can be so easy to go in a little heavy-handed with the brow pencil or powder, creating a dark and blocky finish. It can almost seem impossible to make eyebrows appear fuller in a totally natural looking way. That was, until the Pro Pencil came along. This innovative eyebrow pencil is sharpened using a specialist shaper, creating an ultra-fine, flat tip that creates your most realistic hair strokes yet.

With it being so different to other eyebrow pencils, it can take a bit of practice to perfect the technique. We recently caught up with Kim O’Sullivan, owner of The Dublin Makeup Academy and Pro Pencil queen, for her top tips on creating fuller looking brows in an instant. 

I got into the brow industry about 11 or 12 years ago,” says Kim. “I started out as a make up artist and when I would do my make up clients, I would always tidy up their brows before I started. My make up clients would come into me and say, ‘would you just give my brows a little tidy?’ At the time I worked in a department store on a make up counter so what I had to do was cut my hours down and on my days off I would do brow clients. It just grew legs from there.”

All those years of experience have led to Kim becoming an industry expert, creating beautiful brows from her Dublin based salon. In this time, she has totally mastered the art of the Pro Pencil. For anyone trying to get the hang of it, Kim shared her main piece of advice: “I have two little tips that I always say to follow. 1.) Stretch the skin as you’re drawing your hair strokes and 2.) the tiniest amount of pressure is all you need to use.”

The pencil is highly pigmented, so having a light hand is all you need to get the colour pay off. Too heavy and the strokes can look unnatural. “Use very little pressure when drawing the strokes on and take your time. I go really, really slow. Before I even draw a hair stroke, I like to find a little comfort place,” she adds.

“Always make sure your pencil is super-duper sharp,” explains Kim. The secret to the Pro Pencil is its ultra-precise tip. Sharpening it before every use with the specially-designed Pro Shaper helps to create those crisp, clean strokes. 

Kim’s final piece of advice? “Always comb through to soften out the strokes so they blend in.” Be sure to do this with a very light hand to avoid smudging or blending away your handiwork, but a quick brush with a spoolie helps to really soften the finish. 

Ready to give it a go for yourself? Order the Pro Pencil and Shaper together and save 10% as part of our bundle.

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