The Importance of Advanced Training

3rd May 2016 | By

What did you do before High Definition Brows/what did an average day consist of?

Before High Definition Brows I was a nail technician with my own salon. I met Nilam (CEO and Co-Founder of High Definition) in 2008, where she came over to one of my clients who had very white brows and told us about a brand new eyebrow treatment called HD Brows (now High Definition Brows).

How has High Definition Brows changed your life?

 When the first High Definition Brows course was held, I sent one of my employed therapist on to the course, but it wasn’t until she went on maternity leave that I decided to do the course myself. I was blown away by the two-day course and straight away knew that being a Stylist was what I wanted to do full time.

Did you notice a difference when training to Pro and Master level in your client base?

When I booked onto the Pro Refresher Assessment course, I thought that there couldn’t possibly be any more to learn. I soon discovered that there was, and it was after the advanced training that my confidence and business grew. I attended the very first masters course and was blown away, yet again, with the additional techniques and tricks I learnt. After qualifying as a Master Stylist, I was invited to work with the High Definition team at beauty shows across the UK, which was a great privilege.

Would you recommend training to Master level, if so why?

I always encourage new Stylists to go on and complete the advanced courses, as you will always learn new ways of doing brows and to make you a better Stylist. If I hadn’t completed those advanced courses, I would not be the trainer that I am today.

 What does an average day consist of for you now?

Having sold my salon, the opportunity rose to become a self-employed trainer at the Milton Keynes training academy. In January this year, I was offered a full time employed position as an Elite Trainer and I love every moment. I get great satisfaction in helping people become High Definition Brows Stylists, and encouraging current Stylists to grow in their skills on the Pro and Master course.

What has been your proudest moment since training in High Definition Brows?

 I would have to say that my proudest moment is becoming a full time trainer, as I have complete job satisfaction. I have trained students in India and worked on many celebrity clients. I wouldn’t change my job for the world! 

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