The Importance of Retail in Your Salon

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We know that our stylists chose to join the HD Brows community because of their brow passion and love of beauty treatments. Sales isn’t necessarily something that comes naturally to most of us, so it can be a daunting prospect asking your clients to part with their hard-earned cash. However, with lots of competition and a tough economic climate, retail sales can make a huge difference to your earnings.

Let’s say you perform 25 treatments per week and sell a Browtec (one of our best-selling products) to 50% of those clients – that’s an extra £60.48 in your account for that week! Instead of being an add-on, it seems that retailing is now a crucial part of the salon industry. Here’s why…

It increases revenue

An obvious benefit, but it’s the most important. In fact, the amount you can potentially earn from product sales can often be overlooked.

Look at this way; all it takes is an extra five minutes at the end of your client’s appointment to sell them an Eye & Brow Palette and you’ve earned an extra £30 on top of your treatment price. Once you get into the habit of selling, it’s an easy way to add extra income.

It boosts your salon reputation

Many people avoid selling through fear of being seen as pushy. However, when done correctly, sales can actually improve your salon reputation.

Brushing up on your product knowledge is a key part of retailing. Being able to talk your clients through all the products in detail and letting them know why it will work for them gives a real sense of professionalism. Your clients will leave knowing that their brows are in expert hands and they will trust your recommendations.

In turn, you’ll increase client retention

When a client finds a stylist that they trust, they’ll stick with them for life. Not only do they leave your salon with amazing brows, but you’ve taught them the tricks and sold them the products to maintain that fresh brow feeling in between appointments.

So, how do you start to push retail sales in salon without it becoming pushy?

Sales isn’t about selling the most expensive product; that might give you an instant boost to your bank balance but it won’t translate to a regular customer. It’s all about finding out what your client needs and offering the solution. Once they fall in love with a product you’ve recommended, not only will they return to you to repurchase but they will trust your judgement when it comes to future purchases.

The HD Brows treatment is perfect for helping you to do this in a natural way that doesn’t feel forced. Use the finishing step as a chance to give your client a mini make up lesson. Those on a regrowth programme will really appreciate being shown how to fake it ’til they make it.

If you’re looking to boost retail sales, why not look at becoming a stockist or virtual stockist? If you have any questions on stocking our retail range, call our team on 0113 2247909.

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