Nikki Make Up’s Ultimate Fluffy Brow Tutorial

18th Mar 2022 | By Ellie, Team HD
Close up image of model Elenie Mae after having make up done by Nikki Make Up

When it comes to brows, no make up artist does it quite like Nikki Make Up. Her signature make up style is all about fresh, glowing skin and full, fluffy brows. Recently, Nikki took to her Instagram stories to share her ultimate guide to creating a feathery brow look with her 1.8 million followers. As well as her top tips for full, lamination-style brows, she also gave an exclusive insight into how she creates those ultra-realistic looking hair strokes through the brow. Her secret? Some of our very own HD Brows products. Watch the tutorial and keep reading for the top tips…

Nikki Make Up’s feathery brow tutorial

1. Nikki starts by brushing Brow Glue gel through the brows. This super-strong hold brow gel locks hairs in place all day long. She applies with the spoolie, brushing in an upwards motion to create the textured, fluffy look. On her stories, Nikki also spilled that she loves to wear this on her own brows.

2. Next, Nikki takes a spatula and brushes over the hairs to ensure they are flat against the skin. This allows you to safely achieve that brow lamination look at home.

3. The next step is to add in those ultra-realistic hair strokes. Using the innovative Pro Super Shaper, Nikki sharpens the Pro Pencil to a fine, flat-tipped point. This unique pencil shape is what makes it easy to create hair strokes that blend in seamlessly with your real hairs.

4. Using a light hand, Nikki applies hair strokes through the brow, only where there are gaps. This stops it from looking heavy and creates a natural finish.

5. To enhance the brow and give a slighter flatter look, Nikki applies Brow Highlighter. Adding this product only under the very end of the brow adds lift to that area.

6. A quick brush through with a trusty Spoolie Brush ensures all the products are softly blended for a natural look with no harsh lines.

That’s it! A few simple steps to instantly fuller brows. Want to get the look yourself? Shop Brow Glue and The Pro Pencil Bundle now.

Written By: Ellie, Team HD

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