Stylist Spotlight: Helena Savvides

27th Nov 2018 | By
Stylist Spotlight - Helen Savvides

Since training in HD Brows, Helena from Immaculate Beauty has worked her way through advanced training to become a Master Stylist. All her hard work paid off, when we invited her to work alongside of our Elite Training team at a major event! Here’s Helena’s story.

What made you choose to train in HD Brows & progress through advanced training?

I decided to train in HD Brows as I fell in love with the brand when I came across the stand at the Professional Beauty show in 2013. I loved the treatment, the products and just how glamorous HD looked! From day 1 I knew that that I wanted to be a part of the HD Brows brand and I have never looked back.

I carried on my training with HD Brows and progressed to a Master Stylist. I wanted to be at the top of my game and know everything there is to know about the treatment I love doing.

Has anything changed since training to Pro / Master level?

Since becoming a Master Stylist it has bought me even more new clients. I’m the only Master Stylist in my area which definitely works in my favour. A lot of clients like to pick a Master Stylist to go with. They like to see you have more experience and training.

What does an average day/week look like for you now?

A typical day for me is back to back with HD Brows treatments. I do offer other treatments but HD Brows is by far the most popular and in demand.

You were recently invited to join Team HD and work with us at the Professional Beauty show in London. How was this?

It was a massive achievement for me to be recognised by the brand that I love. Working with the HD Brows team and the Elite Stylists whose work I look up too was an amazing experience. It was also fantastic networking for me too. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to be a part of it again!

What is the most exciting part of your job? What has been a career highlight to date?

The most exciting part of my job is transforming thin, over plucked or over grown brows to amazing eyebrows and seeing the client reactions. I love making people feel better about themselves and having good brows definitely helps. My career highlight to date is definitely being asked to be a part of the team at the Professional Beauty show 2018, I loved it!

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