The original Brow Glue turns one

16th Jun 2021 | By Ellie, Team HD
Tube of Brow Glue stood in front of a birthday cake

Here at HD HQ, we’re celebrating a big birthday this month. Our iconic, best-selling setting gel, Brow Glue, has turned one! If you haven’t seen it (erm, where have you been for the last year?), Brow Glue is a super strong brow setting gel that does exactly what it says on the tube. Acting like a glue for your brows, it locks hairs into your desired position all day long. Whether you want to tame unruly hairs or fake that fluffy, brow lamination look at home, this brow gel is a must have in every make up bag. In honour of its first year, let’s take a look back at the history of Brow Glue.


Developing the product

Team HD set a goal to create the best eyebrow gel that they’d ever tried. Our list of demands was high: budge-proof, ultra-strong, long-lasting, easy to use, non-sticky and non-flaky. It seemed like an impossible task, but our product development team worked hard for over a year, trialling and testing different formulations. When we say we tried a lot of brow gels, we mean it, but it was worth it in the end when we finally found the perfect mix.

Creating the product

After months and months of developing the formula, our top secret brow gel was handed over to the marketing team. As soon as the team tried it, we all knew it was going to be a hit and couldn’t wait to get started on launching this product. We really wanted to get across just hold strong the setting power was on this gel, and as soon as the name Brow Glue came up, it stuck right away. The team were hard at work, planning photo shoots, designing packaging and getting ready to give Brow Glue to launch it deserved.

Getting feedback

Everyone at HD HQ loved Brow Glue and we were so confident that everyone else would love it too that we sent it to an independent user trial. A group of totally independent testers trialled the product before launch. They received it in an unbranded tube so there was no bias, just their honest opinions. The results blew us away! It was an overwhelmingly positive response. In fact, 85% of people described Brow Glue as the best setting gel they’ve ever used. Armed with these results, we were almost set for launch.


A bump in the road

By March 2020, we were all set for launch. Our distribution centre was fully stocked, the images from the photoshoot were in and we were finalising all the launch communications so that we could go out with a bang. Then, Covid-19 hit. Just like everyone else, our plans were turned upside down with our staff sent to work from home and our eyebrow training academies closed. With everything up the air, the Brow Glue launch was put on pause.

Exclusive pro launch

After sitting on Brow Glue for a little while, we decided to be really honest with our professional HD Brows Stylists. In their private Facebook group, we told them all about the product and how we had been planning to launch, but we just didn’t know if the midst of a global pandemic was the right time. We put the question to our Stylists and they all said yes to the launch.

With salons forced to close, we gave them exclusive access to Brow Glue prior to our official launch so that they could bring in some much needed revenue by retailing this brand new product to their clients. Unsurprisingly, both our Stylists and their clients couldn’t get enough and Brow Glue was flying off the shelves.

Brow Glue officially launches (finally)

Between the months of product development, weeks of planning and a national lockdown, we thought the day would never come, but in spring 2020, we finally launched Brow Glue. It quickly became an iconic product in the HD Brows line up.

In its first year, it’s been a rapid sell-out, an influencer favourite and it’s already our best-selling product ever. All this in one year? We can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with Brow Glue.

Are you still debating whether to try Brow Glue? It’s time to believe the hype. Shop Brow Glue online today, or save 10% as part of The Fluffy Brow Bundle

Written By: Ellie, Team HD

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