Top 10 Make Up Hacks

5th Dec 2018 | By Ellie Gaudiosi

Great make up doesn’t have to be the result of hours in front of the mirror. Speed up your morning regime and become a master of make up hacks with these MUA approved tips and tricks.

1) Give your base an airbrushed finish

Wet your foundation sponge and press over your foundation to remove any brush marks that may still be visible after applying your foundation. Do the same after applying your concealer for a flawless airbrushed look.

2) Bronzer and blusher aren’t just for the face

You can use your bronzer and blusher as an eyeshadow! The colours are so gorgeous, why not use them on the eyes too? Once finished on the face, sweep a small amount through the crease for a glowy, natural look.

3) Get yourself a multi-tasking balm

Always keep an SOS Balm to hand – it’s the ultimate multi-tasker. Our magical balm doesn’t just heal cuts and grazes, it revives dry lips and chapped hands too. Plus, mix in a little of your favourite eyeshadow powder to create your own lip gloss!

4) Make your lipstick last longer

Apply your favourite lip colour. Then gently pat a tissue over the top and dust on some of finishing powder to set the colour in place.

5) Mix it up with custom coverage

If you’ve found your dream foundation but don’t always want the coverage, create your own tinted moisturiser. Mix a small amount of moisturiser with a pump of foundation and voila, you have created your own lighter version. Apply to the face and see the magic happen.

6) Use the Brow Highlighter as an eyeliner

Mix it up and apply the highlighter pencil to the waterline to brighten the eyes, not just the brows. This will give an instantly awake, fresh and wide-eyed appearance.

7) Use your lip colour as a cream blusher

Pick a shade from your Lip Palette and blend onto your apples when your finger tips to really warm the product in. It gives a soft, natural and dewy look that melts into the skin.

8) Fix mascara disasters without ruining the rest of your make up

You know the feeling when you’ve perfectly applied your make up and then get mascara everywhere? It’s annoying to say the least, but it’s not the end of the world. Don’t remove it straight away as it’ll only smudge and make things worse. Wait for it to dry and then just use a cotton bud to easily remove it.

9) Get on-trend glowing skin

Want this season’s super glowing, luminous complexion? More than just a highlighter, you can use the Glow Stick in your preferred shade all over the face after you’ve moisturised to create a dewy base. Leave natural or apply a layer of foundation.

10) Make your own eye base

No eye primer? No problem! Use some foundation or concealer as a base for the eyes instead. It’ll cover all your redness, give you a smooth even base, make your eyeshadow less patchy and it’ll last longer.

Try some of these life-changing hacks and become a make up pro. Be sure to share your favourite make up hacks and tag us – @hdbrowsofficial.

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