HD Brows Introduces Sara Shakeel

Christmas is upon us and if there was ever a season to sparkle, this is it. We’re all about tailor-made beauty that makes you feel totally and uniquely you. That’s why we chose to collaborate with creative artist Sara Shakeel, to empower you to feel fabulous this Christmas.


Our collaboration

Our recent campaign, Bespoke Your Brows, is all about embracing your style and finding a brow product to match. That’s why we couldn’t wait to collaborate with Sara, a true champion of embracing yourself.


Sara, 28, is a creative artist known for her empowering pieces of glitter art. Originally studying to become a dentist, Sara dropped out of her degree to pursue her passion for art. The gamble definitely paid off, as she’s now a highly acclaimed artist with a dedicated Instagram following of over 368k (and counting).

Her career was catapulted after her inspiring #glitterstretchmark campaign empowered women to embrace their stretchmarks and wear them with pride. Her influential work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, The BBC, Refinery 29 and more.

What inspires your art?

Love, positivity, hope, memories & God!

Do you have a muse or a celebrity you find inspiration from the most?

Rihanna and Lana Del Rey for creating art. Goals of being an entrepreneur, a badass and a strong, strong woman – Tyra Banks!

What inspired you when working your glittery magic on the latest HD Brows campaign?

The second I laid my eyes on the pictures, I was in love! The simplicity of the eyes, full brows and the minimal vibe to it. I mean I had to add my extra glow to it!

A lot of your work is focused on female empowerment with your glitter stretch mark art going viral – what does female empowerment mean to you?

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a crystal and a glitter artist for quite a sometime now. If you looked a little closer at my pictures, you’ll see I’ve replaced ordinary objects, like tissue roll, a towel, an egg, into crystal or glitter artwork. It’s like highlighting and, in a way, appreciating the tiny little things we have and use into something glittery and attractive.

Stretchmarks on the other hand was something I thought should never be discussed. On a personal note, I thought if anyone gets to know about my marks or cellulite I’d be look down upon. Never in a million years did I ever think that I’d lead this campaign of women empowerment, or letting girls be proud of their own marks. I mean how could I? I myself thought they were not beautiful at first, all thanks to the tv commercials, adverts of having flawless skin.

But little did I know, my own gift of creating art unconsciously could change my whole opinion about these marks. Every stroke of glitter on the image, was a stroke of confidence on my marks. I remember when it was done, it looked so beautiful, but questioned myself again and again. Why would anyone be interested in these glitter stretchmarks, or even the concept of creating such a simple image of glitter stretchmarks? After all the reasoning, my vision won, and uploaded that artwork of mine. From that very day onwards, I realised I was certainly not alone and #glitterstretchmarks was born.

We, of course, are self-confessed brow obsessives. From thick to thin and everything in-between, brows are beautiful and are as unique as fingerprints (something our most recent campaign focuses on #BespokeYourBrows). Is there a particular facial feature or body part that inspires you the most as an artist?

It’d be not true if I pick up one facial feature, because every feature has a role to play. It’s sometimes eyes, lips, nose; as an artist any facial feature can inspire me!

Why do you think your work is admired by so many fashion and beauty brands?

Maybe because of the sparkly nature of my artwork and how I play around with them, especially when it comes to make up and styling! I am giving a lot of free ideas.

You used to be a dentist? What gave you the confidence to focus on art as your main focus & passion?

Believe in nothing but yourself! Even if you have nothing to believe in, remind yourself every time that there is a purpose out there. Something is meant to be yours. If the current situation is not working out for you, leave it there, work on something else. Maybe during that very process you find answers to the failed ones.

Work, explore, but nothing will work out unless, you have a big smile on your face. Talking to your very own self and (if you are like me) very much in love with God, then that smile never fades away. No matter what!

I was failed miserably in my very last year. The year I thought “I’ll be a dentist”, I left my business studies for medicine, so I did waste 2 years before as well. When knowing I was being failed deliberately again and again, I left it and smiled at God, for I knew maybe, there is something else to it. (Yes, I have been an exceptionally hopeful child all my life).  And guess what, today I do what I never knew I could do.

If given a chance again to be a dentist, I will never give up what I have today! I am the happiest I will ever be, with no degree, with no one to please except for my self, which itself is so powerful that it heals people all around the world. I mean that’s what doctors do anyway, right?

Your work is instafamous. Did you ever believe that would be the case when you started out after switching your career?

Never in a million, million years. And that’s a lot of millions!

How do you relate to the HD Brows brand?

I am a pure brown girl with thick brows. I believe in this fact: the second your brows are well shaped or well defined, the whole image changes!

Where do you see your career and work taking you over the next few years, do you have any particular goals/aspirations?

To be an art director first – maybe collaborating with make up brands, coming up with my own art- make up line  (oh that would be a dream come true!), clothing, maybe publish a book. I think I should just stick to being a creative artist / art director