Brows are bigger than ever. When achieving your brow goals has never been more important, people are looking for a name they trust. That’s why after 10 years, we’re still the UK’s no. 1 salon brow brand.

Despite changing to High Definition in 2016, HD Brows is the name we’re known and loved for. It’s the term that receives thousands of searches on Google and social media every week and is the name your clients still recognise us by. We listened to your feedback and decided it was time to make a change. The original brow brand just got bigger. We’re going back to HD Brows.



We decided that such a big change deserved a brand new look to go along with it. We created gorgeous campaign imagery that represented our brand – bespoke brows for each and every client. We created three of the most in-demand and on-trend looks on our models – the Brushed Up Brow, the Flat Brow and the Power Brow – to show that one brow shape does not suit all. Join our team behind the scenes on this exciting shoot.





After ten years on top of the salon brow industry, we’re still constantly working to improve and expand our brow offerings. While we’re bringing you lots of exciting new treatments to help you become the ultimate brow experts, we’ll never forget where it all began. From training to marketing, we’re pledging to give you all the support you need to continue creating beautiful HD Brows.






Imagine a world where HD Brows does microblading. There’s no need to imagine, as it’s here...

Combining the bespoke brow tailoring of HD Brows with the permanent results of microblading, you can now help even more of your clients achieve the brows of their dreams. Plus, with over 60,000 monthly searches on Google for microblading and 33,000 for HD Brows, your potential new client base is endless.

Microblading is a big commitment and clients are looking for a name they trust to carry out the treatment. That’s why the number one salon brow brand is joining forces with KB Pro. You will receive the very best training by the industry leading trainers at KB Pro (all taught with HD design, of course), while your client can rest assured knowing they are in the hands of a HD Brows Microblading Stylist.






We’re making some exciting changes to our advanced training courses to make them even more beneficial to your business. You’ll learn new treatments at each stage, ensuring that you can start making a return on your investment straight after training. Brow Lightening is now taught on the Pro Class while the Master Class teaches Express HD Brows and a brand new treatment, Brow Extensions, allowing you to expand your treatment menu and increase your revenue. As always, you’ll receive free delivery on all orders once you’re a qualified Pro and free delivery plus 10% off orders as a Master.





We’re more than just brows – we’re all about helping clients enhance their natural beauty. With the trend for salon makeovers growing, offering this service along side a trusted brand is sure to help boost your business.

Despite going back to HD Brows, we are built on beauty and we are as committed as ever to this side of our brand. We will still be delivering our amazing Perfect Beauty Masterclasses & Professional Artistry Course, as well as bringing you lots of exciting new product launches.



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    Why have you gone back to HD Brows?

  • We know that so many of you and your clients still refer to the brand as HD Brows. Not only is it the name that makes the treatment and products instantly recognisable, but it’s the term people are searching for on Google and social media. We asked for your opinion and over 90% of you wanted us to go back to our original name.

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    Is the HD Brows brand name still protected – I thought we couldn’t use it anymore?

  • Yes, we are still the registered owner of the HD Brows® trade mark for beauty salon services, cosmetics, and beauty training. So don’t worry, only you guys, our trained stylists, stockists and make up artists are able to use the words HD Brows to promote your goods and services – protecting your investments with the brand. If you do notice anyone potentially misusing our brand, remember to report them to us by emailing their details across to Karina Bartosik.

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    Can I still advertise as High Definition?

  • While there are no legal restrictions in referring to High Definition (and our Brand Protection Team can still protect this name too), we highly recommend referring to the treatment and brand as HD Brows for client recognition and marketing purposes. However, from your feedback, it seems most of you still use the HD Brows name anyway.

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    Is the logo changing?

  • We’re keeping our logo as similar as possible to make this a smooth transition that won’t cause confusion among your clients. We’ve simply made some slight changes to our existing logo, making the words HD Brows the key feature, but still referring to High Definition Beauty.

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    Will I need new HD Brows posters in salon?

  • We understand that you want to keep your salon in line with the latest HD Brows marketing, which is why we’ll be sending out a free Brand Marketing Kit with all orders. This kit includes a poster and consumer leaflets featuring the HD Brows name and brand new imagery; we will keep you updated with details of when these are available.

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    Do I have to purchase a new retail stand?

  • Although the name is now HD Brows, we’ve kept our logo as similar as possible. It also still uses the term ‘High Definition Beauty’, so your existing retail stand will fit in with our new branding and will not need to be replaced. If you are a Stockist, your Account Manager will be able to give you more information nearer the brand transition date on how this will affect you.

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    Can I still use High Definition branded products during the HD Brows treatment / retail them to my clients?

  • We will gradually phase in products that feature our updated HD Brows logo. The packaging will be kept the same and the logo has been kept very similar, so you will be able to use and sell High Definition branded products without it causing any confusion or looking out of place in salon.

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    Will I still be able to offer HD Makeovers?

  • Yes – we’re just as passionate about our make up range and training as we are about brows! Professional makeovers are huge right now and perfectly compliment HD Brows on your treatment menu, so they’re not going anywhere.

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    Where can I train in microblading?

  • HD Brows Microblading is training is offered across the UK at academies in Yorkshire, Milton Keynes and London. You can find out more about our microblading course or enquire about training here.

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    I’m already trained in microblading – can I train in HD Microblading?

  • We’re delighted that you’re interested in switching to HD Brows to provide your microblading treatments and we’d love you to come and join us! As the number one training academy for microblading, KB Pro have specialist processes you will need to learn before delivering the treatment (not to mention the bespoke HD design techniques) so you will need to attend the full training course rather than a conversion course. Further information will be available at the end of February. Register here to be one of the first to find out how you can train in HD Microblading here.

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    How can I book on the new advanced training courses?

  • You can find out more about our advanced brow courses or enquire about training here.

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    I’ve already completed my Pro/Master training. How will the advanced training changes affect me?

  • If you’ve already worked your way up to a Pro or Master Stylist, don’t worry. When our new advanced training launches, we will be inviting our existing Pro & Master Stylists back to the training academies to upgrade their training for free. You’ll also continue to receive free delivery as a Pro and free delivery plus 10% off orders as a Master.

    For more details on upgrading your current advanced training, register your details and we’ll be in touch.

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    Will my log in details for the Pro Site change?

  • Although you might notice a few changes to our website, all your log in details for the Pro Site will remain exactly the same.