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Looking to get the UK’s #1 eyebrow treatment in Durham? To find the right #BrowBoss for you, scroll through our official list of certified Durham HD Brows salons & stylists offering in-salon or mobile HD Brows Treatments, BrowSculpt Brow Lamination Treatments, HD MUA Services and Microblading Treatments!

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  • HD Brows

    Our signature treatment for brows that are totally tailored to you

  • HD Brows Express

    A quicker version of our signature treatment

  • HD BrowSculpt

    Brow lamination, with a bespoke HD Brows twist

  • HD Brows Lightening

    Lighten your brow colour, get on-trend ombre brows, cover greys and more

  • HD Brows Extensions

    Hair fibres that give full brows in an instant

  • HD Brows Colour Expert

    Experts in colour offering a range of HD Brows Lightening treatments.

Skill level

  • HD Brows stylist

    Qualified and certified HD Brows stylist

  • HD BrowSculpt stylist

    Qualified and certified to offer BrowSculpt brow lamination treatments

  • HD Brows pro stylist

    Advanced HD Brows stylist, educated to offer HD Brows Lightening

  • HD Brows master stylist

    HD Brows stylist educated to the highest level to offer exclusive HD Brows Extensions and Express

  • HD Brows elite stylist

    HD Brows educators and members of the elite team

  • HD make up artist

    Qualified and certified to offer HD makeovers

  • HD approved stockists

    Stockists of our full make up range

Salon type

  • In salon stylist

  • Mobile stylist

Karen Betts professional banner
Karen Betts professional banner

HD Brows, BrowSculpt Brow Lamination and Microblading in Durham

HD Brows are the official brow experts with a team of trained #BrowBoss stylists providing expert Award-Winning and Guild-Accredited Brow Lamination, Microblading and HD Brows Treatments across Durham.

Our brow treatments are formed of 7 steps – we begin with patch testing and consultation, which then leads into waxing, threading, tweezing, tinting and aftercare. We encourage your feedback every step of the way and your treatment is not complete without it. Every person is one-of-a-kind and so is every brow treatment at HD Brows. When you and your stylist personalise your brow treatment plan we consider your hair colourface shape, style preferences and skin tone to ensure your brows are looking their best. 3 essential characteristics are found in every brow product used by our expert stylists – long-lasting, high-quality and healthy. Here at HD Brows, we believe that brows are as unique as fingerprints. We ensure this is embodied into every treatment and a visit to our Durham salons ensures you receive a custom made brow treatment. Do you need some help in achieving your #BrowGoals? Not to worry, our official #BrowBoss stylists are here to offer their expert advice and assist you with our range of specialist brow treatments.

Are you struggling with uneven brows or eyebrow makeup dilemmas that mean you often find yourself with the wrong brow colour? Not to worry, our HD Better Brows Clinic in Durham offers a range of solutions, products and tips to help you and your brows. Our Pro, Master or Elite stylists offer advanced hair removal techniques and treatments that include Microblading Treatments or Brow Lamination Treatments. Our expert stylists in Durham are also trained in men’s eyebrow treatments. Alongside our signature treatments, here at HD Brows, we also offer more advanced hair removal techniques and treatments including HD Brows Lightening (ashy or uneven tones) and HD Brows Extensions (fuller brows). Book an appointment with our expert stylists in Durham.

Our HD Brows salons and stylists in Durham are here to make sure you are looking and feeling your best. Are you and the girls going to Ebony Champagne Bar or Whiskey River at the weekend? Or, is Wiff Waff more your style? No matter what your plans may be, our expert stylists are here to make sure your brows are looking as fabulous as you are.

To find your nearest Durham HD Brows salon or stylist, simply use the filter system to refine your search by HD Brows Stylist Level, Services/Treatment offered, or Salon/Stylist type. So whether you need a mobile stylist in your area or are looking to fit in a quick treatment after work (our Express HD Brows), you are sure to find a salon that meets your needs. You can even use it to check whether your preferred Durham salon stocks the HD Brows makeup items you know and love.

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