We offer a limited number of High Definition Brows treatments with our qualifying stylists at our training academies in Leeds, Milton Keynes and Glasgow.

High Definition Brows treatments for a fraction of the price

Please allow 3-5 weeks of hair growth before your appointment. We regret that we are unable to accept models that have semi-permanent / tattooed brows.

If you have any concerns or possible medical conditions that you think could affect you having the treatment, please contact us as soon as possible before your appointment to discuss.


High Definition Brows: £5

The High Definition Brows treatment uses traditional hair removal (waxing, threading, trimming & tweezing) and tinting techniques that your stylist will pair with a unique design formula and finishing techniques to create a brow styling experience that is tailored to you. Your treatment will be watched over by our elite trainers.

Treatment time: 1 hour, though please allow up to 2 hours for your appointment

High Definition Brows Express: £5

A quicker version of the full High Definition Brows treatment, only available from our most advanced stylists, including a full consultation, threading or waxing, tweezing, trimming and finishing with make up. This is suitable for people that have the High Definition Brows treatment regularly but need a top up treatment in between due to fast hair growth or for a special occasion. Every treatment is watched over by our elite trainers.

Treatment time: 20 minutes, though please allow 30 minutes

Brow Lightening: £5

An advanced treatment only available from our Master Stylists, this is our signature High Definition Brows treatment with the addition of brow lightening as part of the custom blend colouring part of the treatment to enhance the colour and tone of your brows.

Facial Hair Removal

Hot wax & threading techniques used for hair removal for various facial areas, including top lip, chin, cheeks or your whole face except brows…