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  1. Tidy Towels HD Brows
    Tidy Towels (Damaged Box)

    Leak-proof, protective mats

  2. Eye & Brow Jelly Mask Ribbon HD Brows X Nouveau Lashes
    Eye & Brow Jelly Mask

    Soothing peel off eye and brow mask

  3. Angled Eye Shading Brush HD Brows
    Angled Eye Shading Brush

    Blending and sculpting brush

  4. Concealer Brush HD Brows
    Concealer Brush

    Flat, precision brush

  5. Duo Fibre Eyeshadow Brush HD Brows
    Duo Fibre Eyeshadow Brush

    Super soft blending brush

  6. Eye Blending Brush HD Brows
    Eye Blending Brush

    Fluffy eyeshadow brush

  7. Eye Shadow Brush HD Brows
    Eye Shadow Brush

    Multi-tasking eye brush

  8. Eyeliner Brush HD Brows
    Eyeliner Brush

    Super slim liner brush

  9. Lip Brush Bristles HD Brows
    Lip Brush

    Precision lipstick brush

  10. Smudger Brush HD Brows
    Smudger Brush

    Lash line blending brush

  11. Pro Shaper HD Brows
    Pro Shaper

    Pro Pencil sharpener

  12. Blending Brush Bristles HD Brows
    Blending Brush

    Multi-use face brush

  13. Domed Buffer Brush HD Brows
    Domed Buffer Brush

    Precision foundation brush

  14. Foundation Brush HD Brows
    Foundation Brush

    Flat foundation brush

  15. Blusher Brush HD Brows
    Blusher Brush

    Domed, soft and fluffy

  16. Contour Brush HD Brows
    Contour Brush

    Angled sculpting brush

  17. Powder Brush HD Brows
    Powder Brush

    Large fluffy brush

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