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I’m a Man, can I have HD Brows?


Men, you too deserve groomed brows! Often men are worried about having their brows shaped as many think that a brow Stylist will over work them and make them look too feminine – not us.


Men’s brows should look groomed, but not perfectly shaped. Ideally the bulb, arch and tail should be of a similar size. It’s all about keeping the brows trim, not thin.

We advise visiting your local HD Brows Stylist before trying to alter the shape of your brows yourself – one wrong move with the tweezers could leave a disastrous result. Our Stylists will leave your brows perfectly groomed, but still looking masculine.


All of our brow products can be used on both men and women. Our most popular for men is our Brow Colourfix, it comes in 3 shades and is an easy, natural looking brush on gel that tints and camouflages any grey hairs and also neatens up the brows. It can also be used to create a fuller looking beard… who said men can’t multi-task!


HD Brows Stylist Lizzie Hilton created this subtle transformation. Groomed to perfection, without looking overdone.