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Wrong Brow Colouring?


Achieving the right eyebrow colour is crucial to looking and feeling yourself. Are your brows just too dark, and you’re not quite sure how to get them back to a better colour for you? Or are you’re brows too light, with that barely there feel and you want to go darker? We have all the answers.


Our HD Brows Stylist’s have a thorough consultation with you before the treatment, and custom blend a colour bespoke for you and your skin tone, hair tone and style. It’s amazing how warming or cooling your brow tone can make such a difference to your face. All our stylists are trained to the highest of standard to help you achieve the right shade for you!

 If your brows too dark, look on our Salon Finder for one of our Master Stylists. Trained to the highest level, our Master Stylists will be able to lighten your brows gradually to better suit you, your brows and your skin tone. Definition in a softer way can be much more flattering for you, darker is definitely not always better.


Check out our full brow make-up range for the correct shade to suit you. Each product has a variety of shades to help compliment your style – with our Bombshell colours for the lightest of brows, we’ve got Foxy shades for our mid-brunettes, all the way to our Vamp for the darkest of shades. There’s something for everyone, so you can’t get it wrong!


HD Brows Stylist Charlotte Liddiard added depth and definition to her clients brows, instantly framing the eyes without overpowering the face.