Dual Ended Brow Brushes

Brow lamination brushes

Exclusive to HD Brows stylists

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What is It?

Exclusively available for HD BrowSculpt Stylists, these Dual Ended Brow Brushes have been specially designed to make applying your BrowSculpt Duo easy.

Why you'll love it

Getting the very best results from your BrowSculpt treatments is down to a precise and thorough product application. That’s where the Dual Ended Brow Brushes come in. They are ideal for brushing the Relax & Reform creams through the brows, ensuring hairs are coated from root to tip.

The bristles can be used to brush product through the brows, while the plastic comb can be used to brush through those stubborn, coarse hairs. The tip of the brush handle tapers to a point, allowing for ultra-precise hair placement.

The need-to-know facts

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Multi-use throughout
the treatment

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Offers precise
product application

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Pack of
10 brushes

Brow-to guide

Brow-to guide


Use the bristles to brush product through the brows.


Use the plastic comb to tame or brush brows into shape.



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