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HD Brows BrowSculpt Training Course

Do you wish there was a solution to help correct your client’s brow shape and tame eyebrow hairs? Are you looking to create the most on-trend and in-demand eyebrow style? Look no further than HD Brows brow lamination training. Introducing BrowSculpt: a treatment incorporating brow lamination techniques with a bespoke HD Brows twist.


Brow lamination training Overview

BrowSculpt allows you to incorporate the brow lamination process as well as consulting, brow mapping and so much more into your existing brow treatment offering. Brow lamination can be used to create the in-demand bushy brow look, but did you know it’s so much more than that. When you attend the BrowSculpt training course, we’ll not only teach you more than just how to create the brushed up look, we’ll show you how to use brow lamination technology to correct your client’s brow shape and set it in place with results that last up to 6 weeks. Whether your client wants to totally transform their brow shape, add a textured finish to the bulb or correct uneven tails, we’ll teach you how to offer a fully bespoke and tailored approach to this on-trend technique. Here are the benefits you can offer your clients if you choose to train with us:

Correct the eyebrow hairs

Brow Lamination Correction

The brow lamination process can be used across the entire brow or just in targeted areas to instantly correct asymmetrical, unruly or unshapely eyebrows. Brows may be sisters not twins but this treatment will allow your brows to look more symmetrical than ever before.

Create a brushed up brow look

Brow Lamination Results

Lamination can also lift the brows into your client’s desired position, making them appear instantly fuller. It’s ideal for creating the on-trend brushed up brow look.

HD Brows BrowSculpt training course

BrowSculpt course details

We’re all about making our training as accessible as possible. That’s why we’ve recently changed our training proposition to include online modules and an online conversion course so you can start your brow journey from the comfort of your own home.

Just £200+VAT

No hidden fees, no gimmicks - just the option to add your chosen kit

Theory, online & academy training

You'll need to complete your pre-read materials, a half day online webinar and a half day practical session in one of our academies

Pro price on HD products

That’s across our entire professional AND retail range

Free salon finder listing

Bringing new clients straight to your door

Split payment options

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Online conversion course

Already trained in brow lamination? Join our new half day webinar to become an official HD BrowSculpt stylist.


When and where can I train in HD Brows BrowSculpt?

Training runs regularly at our official academies across the UK: Leeds, Milton Keynes, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol and Purley. You’re sure to find a course date and location to suit you.

  • 06 Dec

    9:30 - 11:30am

  • 07 Dec


  • 07 Dec

    Purley, London

  • 07 Dec

    Milton Keynes

  • 07 Dec

    Bristol - Full

  • 07 Dec

    9:30 - 11:30am - Full

  • 07 Dec


  • 07 Dec


  • 07 Dec

    Purley, London

  • 07 Dec

    Milton Keynes

  • 07 Dec

    Bristol - Full

  • 07 Dec

    12:30 - 2:30pm - Full

  • 07 Dec


  • 07 Dec

    Leeds - Full

  • 07 Dec

    Purley, London - Full

  • 07 Dec

    Milton Keynes - Full

  • 07 Dec


  • 07 Dec

    Glasgow - Full

  • 08 Dec

    12:30 - 2:30pm

  • 13 Dec

    Purley, London - Full

HD Brows BrowSculpt - what will I learn?

As with all our training courses, we’ll ensure you leave equipped with the skills to totally tailor this treatment to each and every client. After all, we are the champions of bespoke brows for everyone. Our brow lamination course covers:

Consultation skills

Consultation is key for all HD Brows treatments, especially when you’re dramatically enhancing the brow shape. Learn how to work with your client to create a look that’s right for them.

Brow lamination techniques

From relaxing to reforming, we’ll share the HD way of using the brow lamination technique. As well as training you how to create a brushed up brow, we’ll show you how to use this skill in targeted areas to correct uneven eyebrows using our HD Brows branded BrowSculpt products.

Bespoke brow tinting

Lamination often lifts the colour of the hair, so we’ll show you how to mix a bespoke eyebrow tint to create your client’s perfect colour match.

Brow mapping

Don’t worry - there’s no stencils in our mapping techniques. Lamination can drastically change your brow position, so mapping out the new shape post treatment is a vital step.

Tailoring hair removal

Waxing, threading, tweezing and feathering help you to define your new shape, so we’ll show you how to incorporate your existing hair removal skills into this treatment.*

Finishing the brows

We’ll teach you natural make up finishing tips, because we know that adding a hair stroke or two really helps to enhance that fresh brow feeling.

*Hair removal techniques are not taught on this course. If you have no prior eyebrow training, we recommend attending the HD Brows course to master the art of brow shaping and design.

BrowSculpt Conversion course

If you’ve already trained in brow lamination, we offer an online brow lamination conversion course so that you can easily join our BrowSculpt family. Our team spent months researching and testing to ensure the BrowSculpt products and methods offer optimal results whilst minimising damage to the brow hairs. Join our half day webinar to master our techniques, and you’ll get access to our exclusive products and be able to start offering BrowSculpt treatments right away. It’s time to achieve your best ever brow lamination results.


The BrowSculpt treatment kits

With us, you have the option to add kits to your booking, allowing you to save on treatment essentials and ensure you’re all set up as soon as you complete your training course.

HD BrowSculpt complete kit

Total Cost £197.93+VAT
Pro price £136+VAT

Get your new BrowSculpt treatments up and running as soon as you complete training with this start up kit.

Enough products
for 30 BrowSculpt treatments
BrowSculpt treatment essentials

Take a look at what’s included here

HD BrowSculpt basics kit

Total Cost £133.08+VAT
Pro price £99.86+VAT

This essential kit allows you to stock up on new treatment products so you can start offering treatments right away.

Contains brand new products
30 treatment kit
Earning potential of up to £1,350

Take a look at what’s included here

The brow finishing kit

Was £457.57+VAT
Now £229.09+VAT

With our brow finishing kit, you’ll be sure to have a product and shade to create a look totally tailored to every client.

Packed with 41 make up products
One of every brow retail product in every shade
Easily create bespoke finished looks

Take a look at what’s included here

The BrowSculpt retail bundle

Kit price starting from £115.00+VAT

Our Tint Lock Serum is an essential aftercare product following BrowSculpt treatments. Not only does it lock on colour to keep that fresh brow feeling for longer, it helps to condition the hairs and keeps them strong and healthy.

Buy 10, save 20%
Buy 20, save 30%
Buy 30, save 40%

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HD Brows BrowSculpt training FAQs

What is the difference between BrowSculpt and brow lamination treatment?

The BrowSculpt treatment incorporates brow lamination techniques to form part of a wider treatment involving tinting, brow mapping and so much more. Discover everything involved in the BrowSculpt treatment.

Are there any prerequisites to the HD Brows BrowSculpt training?

No, however we strongly recommend you attend the HD Brows Course prior to training, or that you have a qualification in eyebrow hair removal techniques, including. waxing and/or threading. Hair removal techniques are not taught on this course but are important for creating bespoke brows for your clients.

Do I have to be trained in HD Brows to attend HD Brows BrowSculpt course?

Not at all, our course is open to everyone, however we do strongly recommend only attending this course if you have a HD Brows qualification or if you're qualified in hair removal techniques including waxing and or threading.

I’m already trained in brow lamination - do you offer a conversion course?

Yes - for those who have trained in brow lamination, you can convert to BrowSculpt by joining a half day webinar session. This is priced at £200+VAT.

How long does a brow lamination treatment take?

On average, brow lamination takes 55 minutes per appointment. We recommend adding this into your regular HD Brows/eyebrow shaping treatments. This technique will add roughly 10 minutes onto your usual treatment times.

How much is the HD Brows brow lamination course?

Our BrowSculpt training is just £200+VAT, with the option to add a start up kit to your booking. To make training with us even easier, we offer split payment options through Klarna.

What brow lamination kits are available?

We have three kit options available: a treatment starter kit for existing HD Brows stylists, a complete start up kit for new stylists, and a retail bundle.

How much should I charge for the brow lamination treatment?

The recommended BrowSculpt treatment RRP is £45 however this can be tailored to your business.

How can I book onto the HD Brows brow lamination course?

You can book your BrowSculpt training course online here. Alternatively, you can call the team from Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm, to book your BrowSculpt course or if you require any further information.

When will I be qualified in brow lamination?

You will become a qualified BrowSculpt stylist when you have successfully completed your practical module. If you are on the online conversion course, you will be qualified after your half day webinar.

If I am new to brow lamination, will I still have to attend the academy for my practical training?

You must complete the practical module at one of our academies in order to gain your certificate and be insured. Attending our academies allows one of our expert trainers to assess your technique and give feedback and guidance so you can be confident in your new skill.

When can I complete my practical training?

As government advice is changing regularly and socially distancing measures are still in place, we are currently unable to confirm dates for practical training. We are following UK Government advice closely and as soon as this changes we will be in touch to book you in, as a priority.

Do I need to bring my kit on my BrowSculpt training course?

No, you don’t need to bring your kit along to your practical training day. We’ve got you covered, as all products and relevant treatment PPE will be provided for you at the academy. All you need to bring along is yourself (wearing a face covering) and your training manual. For the webinar section of your training, we do recommend having your kit to hand to see and feel the products as you learn about them.


Want to train in HD Brows brow lamination?

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