Fill in eyebrows using HD Brow pencil

How to Fill in Your Eyebrows in Between Your Brow Treatments

While it’s not essential to fill in eyebrows in between your brow treatments, it’s the perfect way to tailor your brows to suit your personal style. From totally natural to a statement power brow (and everything in between), here are our top tips for using eyebrow make up to achieve your brow goals at home.

Will I need to fill in my eyebrows after my brow treatment?

You don’t need to, however lots of people choose to fill in their brows in between their treatments. This can either be to create their favourite brow trend, or to fill in any sparse areas that their Stylist is working to re-grow.

Once you’ve had an HD Brows treatment, your Stylist will have created a bespoke brow shape that perfectly flatters you. Having this shape works as a guide, so filling in your brows become much quicker and easier.

What products can I use to fill in my brows between treatments?

The best eyebrow makeup and products to use depends on the style you wish to create. Eyebrow pencils are incredibly versatile and a good place to start. Brow gels are ideal for creating a soft, brushed up effect; opt for a strong hold, clear formula for a brow lamination effect or a tinted gel to act as a brow filler that adds instant volume. Eyebrow pomades are long-lasting, budge-proof formulas that are ideal for when you need ultra long wear, or if you have oily skin. There’s more on finding the right eyebrow product for you here.

How to fill in eyebrows naturally?


Filling in eyebrows without them looking fake is one of the most common brow dilemmas. Many people just pencil in eyebrows across their entire shape, which is when you end up with that blocky, unnatural look. Here’s four top tips to fill in your brows with a natural look:

1. Use a light hand: when you use a lot of pressure to apply, more product will come off and the colour may be darker. It’s easier to add more product than it is to take away when you’ve gone too hard.

2. Only apply product where it’s needed: if you have full brows you probably won’t need very much, while those with sparse brows should focus on applying product in any gaps.

3. Use hair-like strokes: instead of drawing through the brow, add in short strokes that mimic your natural brow hairs. 4. Choose the right formula and shade: make sure that you’re using the right eyebrow product for the look you are trying to create in a shade that suits you.

4. Choose the right formula and shade: make sure that you’re using the right eyebrow product for the look you are trying to create in a shade that suits you.


fill in eyebrows naturally with HD brow pencil

How to make eyebrows look fuller?

When it comes to creating fuller looking brows, simply drawing them on thicker and darker is not the solution. If you have a fairly full brow but want to make them even thicker and bushier, comb through them with a tinted brow gel to add volume and set them in place. Those with sparse brows will be able to fake a fuller look by adding in hair strokes with a slim eyebrow pencil.

How to make my brow arch look higher?

You can give the illusion of a higher eyebrow arch with a simple make up trick. Add a little bit of eyebrow highlighter directly under the arch of the brow and blend downwards for an instant lift.

You can also mention this to your HD Brows Stylist at your next appointment, who can work on a treatment plan to gradually lift your natural arch by tweaking your brow shape.

How to remove makeup from my eyebrows?

When it comes to removing make up from your eyebrows, you can use the same cleanser that you would to remove your eye make up. If you have your eyebrows tinted in salon, opt for a gentle cleanser, as harsh cleansers or anti-ageing formulas can fade the colour faster.

Fill in sparse eyebrows with HD Brows

How to fill in sparse eyebrows?


When it comes to filling in sparse eyebrows, the key is to try and create hairstrokes through the brow using a pencil. You’ll find the best eyebrow pencil to do this with is one with an ultra-fine, flat tip like the HD Brows Pro Pencil, although complete beginners may find a retractable brow pencil easier to start off with.

To create hair strokes in the brow, you will need to:

  • Ensure your pencil is sharpened to a fine point
  • Use an incredibly light hand so the finish is soft and natural
  • Draw on the hair strokes using short, fast motions
  • Follow the direction of your hair growth so the pencil strokes blend in with your real hairs
  • Don’t go overboard – only add strokes in the sparse areas that they are needed to pencil in your eyebrows