The Flat Brow

What are flat brows?

The flat eyebrow is a trend inspired by Korean beauty. It’s all about lowering the arch to create a straight shape and is often paired with a soft, relaxed and natural finish.

If you’ve spent years trying to create an arch in your naturally flat brow, now is the time to embrace it! In fact, it’s a celebrity favourite, with Kendall Jenner, Victoria Beckham, Rooney Mara and more opting to take on the flat eyebrow trend.


Get the look

Are you ready to rock the flat brow look? Even if it’s not your natural brow shape, here are some tips and tricks to fake the flatter style.


The key to a flat brow is to avoid having any incline or decline in your brow. Use a precise pencil like the Browtec under the brow to create this illusion of more hair and a flatter shape.






Blend some Brow Highlighter under the front and tail of the brow to give the illusion of lift in these areas.

Brow Highlighter

Brow Highlighter




Will I suit flat brows?

It may sound a little intimidating, but a flat brow is actually incredibly wearable. It’s a relaxed brow style that is actually reminiscent of teenage brows (before we discovered the tweezers), so can create a youthful look.

“If you have an oblong face, you’ll find that a flat brow is actually one of the most flattering brow styles for you as it perfectly compliments your face shape – lucky you!”

– Jamie Long, Lead HD Brows Stylist

Your brows deserve a professional

The key to a perfect flat brow is creating the right shape. It’s not an easy job, which is why we recommend leaving your brows in the hands of an expert.

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Flat brow FAQs


You might need to grow a few hairs in under your arch, so you’ll need to resist the urge to pluck. The Brow Maximiser will help to encourage brow growth and density.



A consultation with your HD Brows stylist will be able to determine how much you can lower your arch, but with a little regrowth it is totally possible.



You can find the most flattering brow shape for your face shape here.