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Sparse or Overplucked Brows


Struggling to regrow overplucked arches or just can’t tame your bushy brows? Are you looking for the perfect brow product for you or need to know how to recreate the latest trends? We have a solution to any eyebrow dilemma you may have.


Not everyone was born with naturally thick, bushy brows. Sadly, sparse brows can be down to over-plucking, scars, ageing or just lack of hair growth.

The 1990’s saw the return of over-plucking with a vengeance; thin was in. Stars such as Pamela Anderson relied heavily on eyebrow pencils to give the illusion of any hair being there at all.

Your Prescription

First up, you need a daily dose of Brow Maximiser. This serum is enriched with 3D brow enhancers to improve volume and skin-friendly lipo-oligopeptide for maximum stimulation. It’s clinically proven to increase brow density by over 60% in just 4 weeks.

Doctor's Orders

If tweezing is something you do too regularly, put them down! You’ll need to work on a regrowth programme and use make up in between treatments to help you along your way to brow perfection.

Jamie Long, Lead Brow Stylist



To begin with, visit your local HD Brows stylist – they will be on hand to help put you on your brow regrowth journey and get those thin brows more suited to you. Your stylist will be able to assess your brows and show you a range of our brow products, recommending which they think is the most suitable for you.

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