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What is It?

Browtec is a vegan-friendly, ultra-slim, retractable eyebrow pencil with brush that makes filling in your brows super easy. The pencil’s non-oily formula made with a blend of waxes makes it the best eyebrow pencil to deliver long-lasting results and make eyebrow shaping easy.

90% of people found it easy to create fine hair strokes with Browtec.*

*Results of an independent user trial with a panel of 41 women.

Why you'll love it

With a super-thin tip delivering fool-proof application, hair strokes can be mimicked cleanly and accurately for a natural looking finish. If natural isn’t your thing, the product can easily be used to create a more defined finish. Finish it all off with the brow spoolie brush, that lets you place brow hairs into perfect shape.

The need-to-know facts

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Easy to use

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Dual-ended pencil
and spoolie

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Brow-to guide

Brow-to guide


Brush brows into your desired position with the built in spoolie brush. This will neaten the shape and allow you to see exactly which areas need product.


Working in short, sharp motions, begin to lightly draw in hair-like strokes with the tip of the pencil in any gaps. Always use a very light pressure to keep the finish soft and natural.

Pro #BrowBoss tip

“Rub the tip against a piece of paper whilst rotating the pencil to create a fine point. This is perfect for adding in finer details and hair strokes. If you ever apply too much product, don’t worry! Brush over the area with the built in spoolie to soften any harsh lines.”

- Emma, HD Brows Stylist



Vegan-friendly ingredients


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