Find the right brow shade

Find the right shade for your brows

We don’t believe that brows are one-shape-fits-all, so why should they be one-shade-suits-all? We have a variety of shades in our signature brow range to cater for all tones, colours and styles.

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Our top tips for choosing your perfect brow shade

Number 1

You can use two shades

Brows are as unique as fingerprints, so don’t be afraid to mix shades to create your own custom colour. It’s also a great way of adding extra definition in areas like the tail while still keeping the fronts soft and natural.

Number 2

Think about the undertones

Finding your perfect match isn’t as simple as choosing blonde, brown or black; you also need to think about the undertones. Just as you would when choosing a foundation, look closely at your hair to determine if it is warm or cool. Warm will have golden or red highlights while cool will have an ashy look.

Number 3

It’s more than just colour

If you’re worried about going in too dark or heavy, you need to think about the formulas you’re using too. For a light, soft and natural finish, opt for a tinted gel and use a slim pencil to fill in any sparse gaps.

What’s my HD Brows shade match?

Smoke Shade



The perfect shade for anybody with very cool, grey or ashy hair with no warm tones. It’s also great for those with on-trend pastel coloured hair.


Bombshell Shade



The ideal shade for blondes. Bombshell is light in colour and neutral in tone, meaning it’s perfect for light hair colours with warm or cool tones.


Foxy Shade



Thanks to the warm tone of Foxy, this is the shade for those with medium brown hair.


Siren Shade



Calling all red heads! Meet Siren, your new favourite brow shade and the ultimate warm toned brow colour.


Vamp shade



Vamp is the top pick for deep brunettes with warm or cool tones. It’s also great for anybody hoping to make their brows a little darker and more defined.


Raven shade



The darkest shade in our range, Raven is a cool tone that will give intensity to deep, dark brows. It’s made to make a statement.


Find your product finish

Now you’ve met your shade match, it’s time to find the perfect product. Our six signature shades are available in the following brow products.

Browtec picture


An ultra-slim, retractable pencil for a natural finish.

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Brow Define

Brow Define

The easiest way to fill, shape and define brows.

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Brow Colourfix

Brow Colourfix

A tinted brow gel that adds colour and texture.

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Brow Crème

Brow Crème

The ultimate brow pomade for budge-proof brows.

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Oblong face shape

Find Your Perfect Brow Product

From budge-proof power brows to soft, fluffy and textured, we’ve got you covered with a brow product to suit every style.

Oblong face shape

Find the right brows for your face shape

Did you know that suiting your brow shape to your face shape could create a look that totally flatters your natural beauty?