The Boyfriend Brow

What are boyfriend brows?

It’s not just our boyfriend’s t-shirts that we’re stealing anymore; we’re also after his brows. It’s the polar opposite to the groomed brows of Instagram; the bigger, bushier and more unkempt, the better. Put down the tweezers and avoid those brow trimming scissors; it’s time to rock the boyfriend brow.

Get the look

It may seem effortless, but even this natural look takes a little work. Here’s 3 steps to perfectly undone brows.


Using the fine tip of the Pro Pencil, draw in an upwards direction. This may be against the normal direction of hair growth but that’s totally fine.

Pro Pencil

Pro Pencil




Use Brow Colourfix in an upwards direction. The tinted formula will set hairs in place and give the appearance of fuller brows.

Brow Colourfix

Brow Colourfix




For an extreme brushed up effect, use a clean Spoolie Brush to back comb the hairs.

Spoolie Brush

Spoolie Brush




Will I suit boyfriend brows?

If you like a low maintenance brow and prefer an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning, this is the look for you. This undone look goes perfectly with the current trend of soft, natural, ‘no make up’ make up, so if you’re a fan of this look, this is the brow trend for you.

“If you have bushy brows, you can rock the look right away. If your brows are a little on the sparse side, your HD Brows stylist will be able to put you on a regrowth programme to help you achieve your desired shape.”

– Jamie Long, Lead HD Brows Stylist

Your brows deserve a professional

Even if you’re going for the undone look, your brows still deserve professional treatment. With a look like this, a single hair can make or break your brow. Make sure you leave any shaping to your HD Brows stylist.

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Boyfriend brows FAQs


Of course, there’s still lots of ways for you to get on board with this trend.

Firstly, a visit to your HD Brows stylist is a must. Not only can they devise a regrowth programme, but the tinting stage of the treatment picks up those fair, fluffy hairs. We then incorporate these into the brow shape for a fuller look.



You can use the Brow Maximiser to help achieve a fuller brow. This serum is clinically proven to increase brow density by over 60% in just 4 weeks.



It’s totally up to you, but we recommend leaving your brows to a professional. When it comes to full and fluffy brows every hair counts and your stylist will know exactly which ones to leave and which can be removed if you need a little tidy up.