Uneven Eyebrows

Your brow dilemmas, solved.

Struggling to regrow overplucked arches or just can’t tame your bushy brows? Are you looking for the perfect brow product for you or need to know how to recreate the latest trends? We have a solution to any eyebrow dilemma you may have.


What causes uneven eyebrows?

Can’t get your brows to match? Don’t worry, this is totally normal! It’s incredibly rare for eyebrows to be naturally symmetrical, however, there are factors that can contribute towards an uneven appearance. If you’re finding that your brows are a little more uneven than they used to be, this could be due to much hair removal, anti-ageing injections or Ptosis (a drooping or falling of the upper eyelid caused by weak muscles).


How to get even eyebrows

When creating an ideal shape, your eyebrows should both sit on the fatty pad which is on top of the eye socket. It is possible to raise or lower your overall eyebrow shape to ensure it sits at this point, although we recommend leaving this to the experts. Your local HD Brows stylist will be able to advise a regrowth programme that will work to balance an uneven eyebrow shape. The key is to not stress too much about creating symmetry – even small adjustments in shape can create big changes.

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Uneven eyebrows treatment

If you are wondering how to fix uneven eyebrows – you may find that you need to re-grow some areas of the brow to regain symmetry. To help speed up this growth, try the Brow Maximiser. Enriched with 3D brow enhancers and lip-oligopeptides, this formula is clinically proven to increase the density of your brows in just 4 weeks.

We’d also prescribe some makeup to help keep your brows looking as even as possible until you reach your final goal. If you’re looking for something that’s quick and easy to use, look no further than the Brow Define. This medium-firm brow pencil is enriched with waxes for easy application. It’s ideal to fill, define, blend and shape brows to perfection. Not sure if this is the right product for you? Head to our Find Your Brow Finish page to discover the perfect makeup product to match your brows.

Brow Maximiser

Brow Maximiser



Brow Define

Brow Define




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“Eyebrows are sisters, not twins, so try not to worry too much about making them perfectly symmetrical. However, if it’s something you wish to work on, it might require some re-growth, so step away from the tweezers and leave any shaping to the experts.”

Jamie Long, Lead Brow Stylist


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Our HD Brows treatment aims to get the dimensions of both brows as similar as possible, however we’re realistic and understand they will never be identical, which is totally fine. We recommend visiting your local HD Brows stylist every 4-6 weeks so they can work on getting your brows as symmetrical as possible and once that’s been achieved, it’s simply a case of maintenance.

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Uneven eyebrows FAQs


In most cases, yes! Perfect brows aren’t made in a day; it may require you to re-grow or reshape your brows, so we’d advise some expert help.



Absolutely! An HD Brows stylist will be able to devise a plan to create balance and a shape that flatters your features. They’ll also be able to show you some top make up tips, so you can fill in any problem areas while you’re working to achieve your results



It all depends on the brows. If your unevenness is caused by lack of hair growth (e.g. one brow doesn’t grow hair under the arch, one is shorter than the other, etc.), your technician will be able to build up the appearance of hairs in these areas.

If it’s due to a muscular condition (e.g. one brow sits higher than the other), your technician may recommend some form of injectable to correct the issue before working on your brows.

If you’re considering microblading or permanent make up, it’s always best to visit a trusted technician for a thorough consultation to discuss your concerns and see what the best option would be for you.



Firstly, you need to make sure you’re working with the right product for you. This will make it so much easier!

When trying to create evenness, try not to get too close to the mirror. Stand back so you can see both eyebrows to make sure that they’re balanced and flatter your facial features. Be sure to use light strokes and only apply product where it is needed, to deliver a soft, natural finish.



If the results of your Botox are not quite even and you’re experiencing brow asymmetry, your practitioner should be able to easily fix this by adding a little more product to the stronger side. A raised brow is caused by the muscle contracting, so adding a little more will limit this contraction and allow the brow to lower.

If you’re experiencing asymmetry following an injectable treatment, always visit your practitioner for a professional resolution.