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Find the right browsfor your face shape

Finding the perfect brow shape for you is more than just achieving your brow goals, it can transform your whole face. A flattering brow shape can lift the eye area, enhance your natural features and give a more youthful appearance. Whether you’re growing back overplucked arches or need to shape bushy brows here’s how to find your perfect brow shape. Need some expert help in achieving the right brow shape? Your HD Brows Stylist will offer a detailed consultation before your treatment so they can create bespoke brows that suit you. Click here to find your nearest HD Brows Stylist.

What is your face shape?

Round face shape


Keeping your brows more angular in shape will balance out a rounded face. It may be on trend, but the flat brow is a no-go as it can make your face appear smaller and rounder. A lovely lift in the arch will help to lengthen the face.

Oval face shape


If you’ve got an oval face – lucky you! This is commonly known as the ideal face shape. Thanks to this any brow style, shape or trend will look great on you. The options are endless.

Square face shape


Very angular brows and short tails can make your features appear more angular and box-like. Opting for a more curved brow with a nice lift in the arch of the brow will enhance your face shape.

Oblong face shape


Whether you like a soft curve or a strong angular brow, both shapes will flatter an oblong face. The only thing to remember is to try not to have a high arch, keeping the brows quite flat. This season’s hottest brow trend, the brushed up brow, is perfect for you.

Heart face shape


Try to avoid your brows being too curved, as this will only emphasise any roundness in your face. Keep the tails of the brow quite short – too long and they can make the chin look even slimmer.

Pear face shape


If you have a pear shaped face, try not to make your brows too short or flat. Short brows will make the jaw appear wider, so keep them longer to make the lower half of your face appear narrower.

Oblong face shape

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Whether you love a power brow or prefer to keep things natural, we’ve got a product to suit you. From pencils to powders (and so much more), you’re sure to find your brow finish.

Oblong face shape

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Leave your perfect brow finish to the experts. Find your local HD Brows Stylist by heading to our salon finder. With over 10,000 Stylists across the UK, you’re never far from your nearest brow expert.