HD Brows Lightening

HD Brows Lightening

Looking for a lighter brow shade to match your hair or love that ombre brow look? Do you have stubborn wiry brows that are hard to tame, or greys that just won’t tint? Brow lightening is SO much more than you might initially expect. From softening your facial features to just achieving a colour that just feels more you, here’s why HD Brows Lightening is the treatment you never knew you needed... until now.


What is brow lightening

Brow lightening is an advanced brow tinting method that allows you to tint your brows to a lighter shade. However, it’s SO much more than that. The trend for lighter brows is huge right now, with everyone from Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Lizzo transforming not only their brows, but their whole face, with lighter, softer brows.
Here are the looks you could achieve from your HD Brows Lightening stylist

Brow Lightening

Whether it's a subtle change to suit your hair colour or a statement bleached brow, your stylist can now achieve any brow shade you wish. Lighter brows will also help to soften your overall facial features and help you to achieve that on-trend, barely-there, natural brow look.

Ombre Brows

Love that ombre brow look? Speed up your morning routine by ditching the products and get the look from your brow tint.

Grey Coverage

Do you have grey brow hairs that just won’t pick up tint? Lightening allows them to take on colour, creating a uniform shade. This also works if you want to go darker, not just lighter.

Brow Correction

If brow shaping is a pain or you find it hard to tame your brows, lightening techniques can help to soften your coarse, wiry hairs, making them easier to deal with.

HD Brows Lightening Treatment Process

The basis of your lightening treatment is our signature HD Brows treatment that you already know and love. Using additional products and advanced techniques, your stylist will tailor your treatment like never before, taking bespoke brows to the next level.


Your treatment will start with a thorough consultation to determine your perfect brow shade, shape and style.

Lightening the hair

Next up, the hairs will be lightened with our specialist products to leave them lighter and softer.

Custom-blending tinting

Lightening is followed up with a brow tint that has been custom-blended just for you to achieve the perfect shade and tone.

Shaping the brow

Your new brow shade needs the perfect shape to complement it, created with waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming.


Those finishing touches make your fresh brows feel even fresher, even if it’s just adding a hair stroke or two.


Your stylist will ensure you have all the aftercare advice you need to care for your new brows until your next appointment.

Find your local Colour Expert

Why choose an HD Brows Lightening stylist?

Ever thought about bleaching your brows at home? Think again. Bleaching is a chemical treatment that brow stylists train to be able to offer in way that is safe and effective. From orange brows to frazzled hairs, there are so many things that could go wrong.

All of our HD Brows Lightening stylists have levelled up their training by completing one of our advanced courses. These #BrowBosses specialise in colour and have expanded their knowledge to ensure that they can deliver truly tailored tinting and bespoke bleaching. With an HD Brows Colour Expert, you’re in safe hands.

Brow lightening FAQs

Is it safe to lighten eyebrows?

Yes, brow lightening or bleaching is perfectly safe as long as you visit a professional. HD Brows Lightening stylists have not only completed a brow tinting qualification, but have completed a further Colour Expert Course, so you can rest assured that they know everything there is to know about brow colouring.

How long will brow lightening last?

The results of a brow lightening treatment will last up to 6 weeks. You will need to follow the aftercare advice given by your stylist to ensure you maintain the results as long as possible.

How long does a brow lightening treatment take?

On average, an HD Brows Lightening treatments takes 75 minutes. As well as the lightening step, your stylist will tint, shape and finish your brows for a totally bespoke treatment.

What aftercare do I need following a brow lightening treatment?

Aftercare a crucial after a brow lightening treatment. You will need to use a conditioning brow serum twice a day to keep hairs conditioned and healthy. For an intense, overnight treatment, you can also apply the SOS Rescue Brow Balm 2-3 times a week. Read more on brow aftercare

Is brow lightening suitable for me?

Brow lightening is suitable for lots of people, including those looking to get a lighter brow shade, tame and soften coarse hairs, cover greys with brow tint, or even achieve an on-trend bleached brow look (if you dare). The only people who are not suitable for brow lightening are those under 16, or those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or undergoing IVF.