SOS Rescue Brow Balm

Multi-purpose care balm


What is It?

Introducing a new and improved formula that’s here to save the world from dry and damaged brows. The vegan-friendly SOS Rescue Brow Balm is packed with even more nourishing ingredients and housed in a recyclable aluminium tube. This multi-purpose balm is your one-step rescue remedy to moisturise and soothe dry or irritated skin, and to promote healing.


93% of people agreed that their brows felt nourished after using this product.*

*Results of a six week independent user trial with a panel of 80 people.

Why you'll love it

This intensely nourishing overnight treatment is infused a blend of natural oils and shea butter to help that help to hydrate, restore and protect the brow hair and skin. The caring formula is safe for use after HD Brows treatments, making it ideal for calming sensitive skin that can be irritated by waxing or threading. This all-round skin saviour can be used as an intensive moisturiser for any areas of dry and rough skin, on cuticles or chapped lips.

The need-to-know facts

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Infused with a
blend of oils

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Fully recyclable

Save with sets


The Brow Rescue Bundle

Multi-purpose care balm and product-squeezing key

£18.00 Was £20.00

Brow-to guide

Brow-to guide


As an intensive treatment when your brows need some TLC


Apply generously to the brows and surrounding skin. Leave to soak in overnight at least twice weekly for best results


To squeeze every last drop out of the tube, pair with our innovative Tube Hero.


Argan Oil

Rich in fatty acids, this natural oil helps to nourish hairs and lock in moisture.

Castor Oil

Its unique water-binding properties make it a great moisturiser for skin and hair.


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