The Brushed Up Brow

What are brushed up brows?

Soft, textured and fluffy, this brow style looks totally effortless and fits in with the current trend for fresh, glowing, ‘no make up’ make up. It’s a wearable look that isn’t going anywhere. From high fashion to the high street, everyone is rocking the brushed up eyebrow.



Want to get the brushed up brow look yourself? It’s easier than you think – just follow these simple steps.


Brush eyebrows into shape using the Spoolie Brush.


Set brows in place by brushing the brows upwards using the Brow Glue.


Using the Pro Pencil, fill in any sparse areas with hair strokes.


Add a coat of colour to the hairs and ensure they are set in place all day long with the Brow Colourfix.


Finally, add definition using the Brow Highlighter and blend with the Brow Highlighter Brush.


The brushed up brow trend is so great as it works on a wide range of brows. It makes taming bushy brows simple – all you need to do is brush up with a brow gel to set in place.

But this look isn’t just for those blessed with brows like Cara Delevingne. It also works well for those with slimmer or sparse brows that want to fake a fuller look. Just be sure to fill in any gaps with a precise pencil, like the Pro Pencil, to create hair like strokes.

“Brushed up brows are my absolute favourite brow style; I love the texture it gives. It’s great for making your brows look bigger than they actually are, which is something that we all want.”
– Jamie Long, Lead HD Brows Stylist


If you’re dreaming of perfect brows, our HD Brows stylists are on hand to help. Whether you’re in need of turning bushy brows into brushed up beauties or think there’s nothing that can be done with your overplucked arches, we can help you get the brows you want.

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A favourite among celebrities such as Lily Collins and Margot Robbie, everyone is trying to recreate this popular look. It’s a great way of achieving a fuller brow look without using too much product, meaning everyone can achieve a soft and natural finish. It works well on all brow styles too, so everyone can have celeb-inspired brows!

Absolutely, you may just need a little help from your HD Brows stylist. A HD Brows pro or master stylist can incorporate HD Brows Lightening into your treatment. This will soften the hairs, making them much easier to manage. They will also trim any very long hairs to help them sit within your desired brow shape.

Our Brow Colourfix or Brow Beater are also perfect for taming unruly hairs and keeping them in place.

Of course! Our Brow Dye used at the tinting stage of the HD Brows treatment picks up the fine, fluffy hair you didn’t even realise was there and incorporates it into your brow shape. You’d be surprised how much fuller they can look after just one treatment.

You can also fake it ‘til you make it with our award winning brow range. The Pro Pencil has a super precise tip to create realistic looking hair strokes.

A brow gel, such as Brow Beater, brushes the hairs in the direction you want them to sit and sets them in place all day long. With regular use, you can find that your hairs will be trained to sit in the direction you set them in.

As brow experts, our stylists are on hand to help you achieve a bespoke brow that suits you. Whatever look, size and shape you want, they will help you achieve your brow goals. Just advise your stylist during the consultation stage that you’d like a brushed up brow look. You can even request for them to show you what products to use to create the look at home.

You can head to our salon finder to find your nearest HD Brows stylist.