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What is It?

The best brows are created using different needle configurations throughout the treatment. The Glider microblading needle cartridges have been designed to be interchanged easily and quickly with the self-aligning push-fit system for fast, smooth transitions, giving you more time to focus on perfecting your treatment. 

Why you'll love it

The stainless steel, sterilised microneedles have been carefully selected by Karen to match the needles that she uses at her Harley Street clinic. The configurations allow you to perform the perfect micro-stroking treatment to the highest standard whilst saving on cost. 

These cartridges are designed to be used alongside the K.B Pro® Glider handle. The Glider is a revolutionary microblading hand tool that brings elements of digital brow techniques to your eyebrow embroidery treatments, helping you redefine your brow artistry. 

Created by Karen Betts in conjunction with her Elite Artist team and one of the UK’s leading product designers, the Glider is the first of its kind. 

Choose from the following cartridge options: 

The 7 Sloped Needle 

  • For hair stroke brows 
  • Suitable for beautiful straight strokes 
  • Create finer detail, suitable for thinner brows 
  • A must for tapering and perfecting results 
  • Suitable across all skin types including scarred skin 

The 11 Curved Needle 

  • For hair stroke brows 
  • An extra fine needle for detailed strokes 
  • Perfect for longer hair strokes (not ideal for short strokes) 
  • Great for beginners thanks to its flexible, thin and slightly shorter needles 

The 14 Curved Needle 

  • For hair stroke brows 
  • A versatile all rounder 
  • Perfect for longer hair strokes (not ideal for short) 
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced artists alike
  • Use for the main body of the brow  

The 18U Needle 

  • For hair stroke brows 
  • Can be used in both directions 
  • Perfect for creating curvature in the brows 
  • The ultra-fine needles make the 18U great for use in the inner corners of the brows 
  • The 18U is Karen’s favourite Glider needle 

The 19 Sloped Shader Needle 

  • Specifically designed for ombre or powdered brows 
  • A shader that offers a little more intensity 

The 36 Sloped Shader Needle 

  • Specifically designed for ombre or powdered brows 
  • Perfect for creating a soft, diffused look 
  • A larger version of the 19 Shader 

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