The Sharpen Up Brow Bundle

Brow highlighter and sharpener

Exclusive to HD Brows stylists

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What is It?

This bundle is both a kit and retail essential for you and your clients to create sharp, crisp and defined brows. From full and fluffy to power brows, this creamy highlighter ensures a neat finish every time.

Why you'll love it

Getting a crisp finish comes down to having the sharpest tools. That’s why this great value retail bundle contains our Precision Sharpener. With two holes and one removable adaptor, it’s able to sharpen three pencil sizes to a fine tip. All the shavings are collected in the sharpener, so clients can use at home or on-the-go.

Once pencils are nice and sharp, it’s time to enhance the brows. The Brow Highlighter is a creamy, pigmented pencil that’s available in two shades. Blend under the brow to create that ultra-crisp and clean finish, as well as adding lift to the brow arch. This versatile pencil can also be used as an eyeliner in the waterline for an instantly fresh, wide-eyed look.

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Clients looking to sharpen up their brow game and achieve a neater finish.

The need-to-know facts

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RRP £15.75

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Creamy highlighter
and pencil sharpener

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Save 10%

Brow-to guide

Brow-to guide


Sharpen your Brow Highlighter to a slim tip with the Precision Sharpener. Remember to empty the sharpener when it gets full.


Draw a fine line under the brow with the Brow Highlighter and blend downwards using the Brow Highlighter Brush.

HD #BrowBoss tip

“If you want to use your Brow Highlighter to add the illusion of lift to the brow arch, focus the majority of the product under the arch.”
- Hannah, HD Brows Stylist



Vegan-friendly ingredients


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