Brow Dye Diluter

Create more subtle shades

Exclusive to HD Brows stylists

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What is It?

Expand your bespoke tinting possibilities thanks to the Brow Dye Diluter. This product allows you create a variety of new and more subtle shades.


Why you'll love it

Ever wish you could tone down your Brow Dye mixes? Now you can. By adding the Brow Dye Diluter to any of our Brow Dyes, you can create a range of different tones for a truly bespoke brow tint.

If you have a client whose brows are porous, take on the tint colour super quick or you want to avoid tinting them too dark, Brow Diluter is your go-to. Mix Brow Diluter into your tint to slow down the development time of the tinting stage to allow you to create the perfect colour for your clients.

After the lamination stage of your HD BrowSculpt treatments, your clients' brow hairs become more porous and tinting has to be done with speed to ensure brows don't go too dark. Brow Diluter is a brow lamination must. Add it to your brow tint mixture to slow down the development time, giving you more time to ensure you create the perfect bespoke tint shade for your clients'.

Please note that Brow Dye Diluter is not an independent colourant and can only be used when mixed with other Brow Dye colours.

The need-to-know facts

Fact Image

Unlock new
tinting possibilities

Fact Image

Create more
subtle tones

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Control the tinting
of porous and
vellus hairs

Brow-to guide

Brow-to guide


Thoroughly combine the Brow Dye Diluter with your chosen Brow Dye to a smooth consistency.


Next, mix in the Brow Dye Developer. The mixture should only be prepared at the time of application.


Apply and leave to process, as advised on your training.


Once the desired colour is reached, remove with dry cotton wool and neutralise using Vanish Colour Remover.



Vegan-friendly ingredients


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