Brow Fixing Film Refill

Refill for your dispenser

Exclusive to HD Brows stylists

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What is It?

Exclusively available for HD BrowSculpt Stylists, this Brow Fixing Film Refill has been specially designed to fit into your dispenser.

Why you'll love it

This brow lamination film has been designed to help enhance the results of your HD BrowSculpt treatments. Use during the first step of brow lamination after you’ve your Relax Cream to help set and shape the brows into their new shape as the product gets to work.

This refill contains 25m of film, allowing you to complete approximately 125 treatments.

The need-to-know facts

Fact Image

Helps to set
and shape brows

Fact Image

Enough to
perform approx.
125 treatments

Fact Image

Fits into
your dispenser



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