Precision Sharpener

Make up pencil sharpener

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What is It?

Say hello to the only pencil sharpener you’ll need in your kit. Our Precision Sharpener works on all of your essential brow and beauty pencils to get an ultra-precise point for every treatment.

Why you'll love it

The Precision Sharpener has two holes, plus there’s also a removable adaptor in the larger hole, allowing you to sharpen the three common pencil sizes: 7.9mm, 10.8mm and 12.0mm. All of your sharpenings are collected within the lid, so you can revive your pencils in a flash. There’s even a handy cleaning stick within the lid, to remove any product trapped within the blade.

Perfect for retailing to clients alongside their eyebrow pencil purchases.

The need-to-know facts

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RRP £5

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3 sizes

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Comes with
cleaning stick

Save with sets


The Sharpen Up Brow Bundle

Brow highlighter and sharpener

£13.04 £10.87 £12.08

Brow-to guide

Brow-to guide


Select the right size hole for your chosen pencil. There is an adaptor in the larger hole that can be removed to make this one size bigger, if necessary.


Sharpen until your pencil achieves a sharp, fine tip.


Be sure to always empty the sharpener when it becomes full.



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