The Brow Goals Bundle

Brow pencil and highlighter

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What is It?

It’s never been easier for your clients to achieve their brow goals at home with this two-step, easy to use daily brow routine. Plus, there’s a saving of 35%.

Why you'll love it

This essential eyebrow kit contains two easy-to-use pencils, making it effortless for clients to achieve their brow goals every day. The Brow Define is the trusty, all-rounder pencil that shapes, defines and fills in eyebrows with a long-lasting finish. Sculpt and enhance brows with a swipe of our innovative Brow Highlighter.

The need-to-know facts

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RRP £22.50

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Creamy highlighter
and long-lasting
brow pencil

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Save 35%

Brow-to guide

Brow-to guide


Sharpen the Brow Define to a sharp tip and lightly fill in the gaps in the brow. For a natural finish, mimic hair strokes.


To finish, draw a fine line under the brow with the highlighter and blend in downwards motions using the Brow Highlighter Brush.



Vegan-friendly ingredients


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