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With the impacts of climate change becoming ever more apparent, we’re all looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and businesses are no different. We all want to take steps to save the planet, but it can be daunting to know where to begin. Here are some easy steps you can implement right away on your journey to becoming an eco-friendly business.

Turn out the lights

It may seem like an obvious one, but turning out the lights in treatment, break or stock rooms will make a huge difference to your electricity usage. You could even get motion sensors fitted to ensure that lights are only ever in use when the room is.

Switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products

Although a small change, using eco-friendly cleaning products helps to keep your salon clean and green. Brands such as Method offer a wide range of highly effective products that are good for the environment. If you wanted to take it one step further, there are companies such as Splosh that offer refills of their cleaning products to also cut down on plastics.

Swap to eco-friendly disposables

As much as we’re all trying to cut down on single-use items, it’s unavoidable for some in-salon treatments. Where possible, opt for recyclable or biodegradable alternatives to take away the single-use-guilt. We’ve made our cotton buds biodegradable and our Swizzle Sticks dual-ended, to allow for more usage and less waste.

While you’re at it, it’s worth setting up a recycling system for all waste, with bins for plastics, glass, paper, etc. Speak to your local council or environmental groups for more advice on setting this up for your area. For those ‘non-recyclable’ items, TerraCycle offer additional recycling solutions.

Save on water

It’s no surprise that salons use a lot of water, but there are simple ways to cut down on waste (and your bills). When it comes to laundry, wait until you have a full load before putting a wash on, opting for a 30°C setting.

If you offer hair treatments and have the taps running frequently, you could install a water flow restrictor. This nozzle-type device attaches to your tap and divides the water flow into tiny particles while mixing it with air, reducing your flow and cutting your water bill by up to 50% per year.

Practice what you preach

If you’re making the effort to go green in salon, think about what you can do outside of the salon too. How do you and your colleagues get to work? Why not think about car-pooling or introducing a cycle-to-work scheme to encourage eco-friendly commute options?

There are loads more steps you can take, but these are just a few things you can do instantly that really will contribute towards a greener planet, and may even save you some money. If you’ve got some top eco-friendly tips, share them with your fellow salon owners in the comments below.