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After completing our two-day intensive brow training course and becoming a newly qualified High Definition Brows Stylist, you may wonder ‘what else is there to know?’. Master Stylist, Lisa Coleman, is just one of many who can tell you that there is so much more to study about brows, as she reveals how our advanced training courses have changed her life, increased her business and heightened her brow obsession…

What did you do before High Definition Brows?

I was, and still am a Beauty Therapist of 24 years! Before my daughter was born, I owned a salon for 12 years where I specialised in facials and make up.

What impact has High Definition Brows had on your life?

High Definition has changed my life because it has given me something to be passionate about. Without being big headed, the brand has made me appreciate that I am really good at something and I have really found my niche… ‘my thing’.

What does an average day look like for you now?

I work on a self-employed basis – splitting my time between the Skin Deep Beauty Clinic in Elstree and working from home whilst looking after my daughter. I have between 8 and 12 High Definition Brows clients each day. If I am at Skin Deep Beauty Clinic, I may have up to 14 as I don’t have my daughter to look after and rush around on the school runs! I still perform other beauty treatments at the clinic but brows continue to be in huge demand and take up 85% of my time.

Why did you decide to train to be a Master Stylist?

There are two main reasons why I chose to train to become a Master Stylist. I think training is very important to continually better yourself. Also, from a client’s point of view, it shows that you have put extra time, work and effort into improving your skills to give them the best treatment possible. For me, it’s the best thing I have ever done. In addition to refining my skills, it taught me other advanced techniques which are invaluable.

Has anything changed since training to master level?

Being listed as a Master Stylist on the Salon Finder doubled interest and clients almost overnight. People really want the best and taking myself to the highest level has really paid off!

What has been your proudest moment since training as Master High Definition Brows Stylist?

I am proud of myself for investing in my future and training to the highest level I can, as well as being part of the amazing High Definition team. Most of all, I am proud that I have changed so many people’s lives by transforming their eyebrows! Clients travel far and wide to get their eyebrows done by me – the furthest being Switzerland. It’s great to see on social media people saying, ‘did Lisa Coleman do your eyebrows?’

What Advice would you give to Stylists thinking of training to Pro and Master?

Go for it! There may be an added cost, but if that is all that is stopping you, I promise you will get that back and more 100 fold! Put it on your bucket list because it really will pay off. High Definition Brows and training as a Master Stylist has quite literally changed my life. I earn so much more, I smile so much more and make others smile so much more. I am more in demand than ever and I’m booked up two months in advance. I may drive my friends and family made with my eyebrow photos and critique… they call me obsessed… I call it passion.

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