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We’re all guilty of making a few mistakes when it comes to beauty; whether it’s using a mascara that’s a little too old, experimenting with a poorly rated DIY kit, or taking the advice of a self-proclaimed ‘beauty expert’ on TikTok. Google’s Most-Searched Beauty Blunders

With that in mind, we have looked at the biggest beauty disasters, delving deep into the most-searched-for beauty problems, the frequent beauty mistakes we make, the dodgiest DIY kits, and the most toxic TikTok beauty trends.

Google’s Most-Searched Beauty Blunders

Whether it’s a hormonal breakout, hot weather drying out our skin, or troubles with growing out your brows, many of us are often in search of quick answers to our beauty queries. That’s why we’ve delved into the most-searched-for beauty problems of 2022, and put together some top-tips for combatting them. 


Acne getting worse

‘Acne getting worse’ tops the table as the most curious beauty worry, with 8.7 million views on YouTube and over 60 monthly searches on Google. 

Our tip: If you’re struggling with worsening acne, it’s important to not wash the affected area more than twice a day. Dermatologists recommend using lukewarm water to wash your face only when you wake up and before you go to bed, as overwashing can irritate the skin and make it worse. 

You should also resist the urge to pop, touch, or pick at your acne, as this can lead to further spreading and also cause scarring. 


Oily skin on your period

The second most searched dilemma is ‘oily skin on period’ with 3.6 million YouTube views on the topic, and over 200 monthly Google searches. 

Our tip: When battling with oily skin on your period, it’s essential that your skin products like cleansers, moisturisers and makeup are all ‘oil free’, to prevent your pores becoming clogged. 

It’s also important to avoid scrubbing the skin, as this can cause irritation and trigger excess oil production. Instead you should gently wash your face and then pat the skin dry. 

Where have my eyebrows gone?

Emerging as the third most discerning beauty hassle is ‘where have my eyebrows gone?’, with the topic receiving 3.5 million views on YouTube. 

Our tip: Regrowing overly plucked, waxed or threaded brows can be a long process in which you have to be patient, but with the right nutrients in your diet, it’s possible! 

You can take a multivitamin each day or incorporate the following nutrients that are essential for hair growth into your diet: vitamins A, B, C, D, E, vitamins, zinc, iron, protein and biotin.

You can also opt for trying out a prescription eyebrow growth serum that is designed to stimulate hair growth. 

Dry skin with foundation

‘Dry skin with foundation’ was the fourth biggest beauty problem people were searching for with another 3.5 million YouTube views and 150 monthly Google searches. 

Our tip: To prevent your skin looking dry when you apply your foundation, start by applying a face primer for dry skin to your face first. Alongside helping your makeup to stay in place, a hydrating primer will also give your skin some much-needed moisture, before applying a layer of foundation. 

When choosing your foundation, you can also choose a liquid based foundation that’s formula contains water. This will help to hydrate and moisturise the skin, all whilst still giving you that full coverage you need. 

The Most Common Beauty Mistakes

There’s no shame, even the best of us make beauty blunders on a daily basis, and we might not even realise it. Which is why we’ve taken to TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube to analyse the most common beauty mishaps and the potential harms they can cause.


Forgetting to wear SPF

Failing to use sun protection climbed to the top of the beauty mistake leaderboard, with a score of 25.5 out of 30. 

With 43.9 million TikTok views, 1.9 million YouTube videos on the topic and a 417% increase on Pinterest searches around the topic this year, it’s clear we aren’t taking as good care of our skin as we should be – especially in the summer months.

What’s the harm? Whether you aren’t using SPF in the hopes of gaining a better tan, or you simply forget to apply it, it’s important to understand that not using SPF can lead to sunburn, inflammation and in some cases, skin cancer. 


Rubbing eyes too vigorously

The second most frequent beauty mishap many of us are making is ‘rubbing our eyes too vigorously’, which received a beauty blunder score of 21.8 out of 30. 

The topic has had 44.5 million TikTok views, 1 million YouTube videos dedicated to the problem, and has had a 62% increase in searches on Pinterest this year. 

What’s the harm? Whilst rubbing your eyes could seem pretty harmless, rubbing them too hard can lead to thinning of the cornea, cause blood vessels to break and result in bloodshot eyes and dark under eyes. 

Using expired mascara 

Ranking third on the most common beauty mistakes list is ‘using expired mascara’ with a total score of 17.3 out of 30. 

The beauty blunder has 37.6 million views on TikTok, 678k on theme YouTube videos, and searches on Pinterest have risen in 2022 by 34%. 

What’s the harm? Using an out of date mascara can spread bacteria to the eye leading to redness, irritation and in some cases eye infections. 

Dirty DIY: The Most Dangerous DIY Beauty Kits

DIY beauty kits are a great way to recreate beauty treatments at home if your budget doesn’t cover regular trips to the salon, but with some DIY disasters, it seems that some treatments are better left to the professionals. 



Leading the way as the most dangerous DIY beauty kit is the Dioche Semi-Permanent Makeup Tattoo Ink for lips, with a score of 26.3 out of 30. The kit received 3.5 out of 5 on Amazon ratings and had a whopping twenty three 1-star reviews, and 13.33% of reviews containing negative complaints.

The second dodgiest DIY kit to use at home is Iconsign’s Eyelash Lift Kit with a total score of 23.6 out of 30. The lash lift kit was given nine 1-star reviews and has 7.69% of reviews containing negative key words such as ‘terrible’ and ‘bad’. 

Landing itself as the third worst at-home beauty kit is Nutronics Beauty’s Premium Home Eyelash Lift Kit with a score of 23.6 out of 30. The DIY kit has received 511 1-star reviews, with 39 of those reviews mentioning words related to ‘terrible’ ‘awful’ and ‘bad’. 

Next on the list of the worst DIY beauty kits is AYASAL’s Eyelash Perm Kit with a score of 22.3 out of 30. It’s clear that at-home lash perming should be left to the experts with the kit receiving 423 1-star reviews with 45 of those mentioning words related such as ‘awful’, ‘worst’ and ‘irritating’.

TikTok’s Toxic Beauty Trends

TikTok is home to endless toxic beauty hacks that are actually damaging to your skin, but which harmful hacks have gained the most popularity and are therefore the most detrimental?  


Taking first place as the worst TikTok hack for your skin is
Face Slugging Vaseline, with an overall score of 35 out of 40. 

The hack that requires you to slather vaseline all over your face at night, as the final step to your skincare routine, has seen over 9 trillion (yes, trillion) TikTok views, 307 million hashtag views and 42k global searches.  

What’s the harm? Face slugging can lead to further oily skin on the face, leading to oil gathering up in the pores and triggering breakouts. This can often worsen acne for those already suffering with it.

Ranking in second place is the toxic TikTok hack of Skin Tag Removal with a score of 32.8 out of 40.

The videos that cover everything from plucking a skin tag off with tweezers to tying dental floss around them, have gained 448 million TikTok views, 85,225 hashtags on Instagram and 214k searches worldwide.

What’s the harm? Removing a skin tag at home without the help of a professional can lead to excessive bleeding and even infection, skin tags should always be cauterised or frozen off by a professional.

Following closely behind as one of the most damaging TikTok hacks with a score of 31.5 out of 40 is Microneedling Makeup (bb glow). 

The TikTok hack requires you to use a nano needle to penetrate the skin and apply a tinted pigment and has seen 247 million hashtag TikTok views, 95,000 global searches and 2,147,963 hashtags on Instagram.

What’s the harm? DIY microneedling can lead to complications and damage to the skin, especially if the needles aren’t made professionally and are easily bent. This can lead to bruising, bleeding, infections and scarring, especially if the needles aren’t properly cleaned.



Google’s most searched beauty blunders: Looking into Ahrefs search data, we determined the most searched beauty questions in 2022 from these four categories: skin, brows, lashes and acne. We then looked into YouTube views to determine the most popular beauty problems. 

The most common beauty mistakes: Based on TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest trends data, we determined the top common beauty mistakes and gave our expertise, and advice from web MD on the harm they could cause.

Dirty DIY: The most dangerous DIY kits: Based on popular Amazon DIY beauty kits, we looked at the reviews, ratings and brands behind them.

TikTok’s most toxic beauty trends: We’ve looked into TikTok’s most viewed beauty trends of 2022, global searches based on Ahref’s data, and Instagram data to determine the most popular trends and how harmful they are.