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We have an exciting new opportunity for #BrowBosses and the brow-obsessed. At HD Brows, we are proud of the fact that our treatments and products can be tailored to everyone’s personalised beauty, so much so that we want you to showcase your uniqueness and establish yourself as part of a recognised and loved beauty brand. By becoming an HD BrowBassador, you will provide us with content to share on our social media showcasing your bespoke brow work and your own unique personal style and in exchange earn exclusive rewards. 

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For professional brow stylists

For our HD pro stylists, the HD BrowBassador programme will allow you to showcase your artistry like never before. We recognise your dedication to mastering the art of brows, and we're thrilled to invite you to join a community that celebrates your specialised skills. This opportunity will also help you increase your exposure and be a part of an exclusive, forward-thinking community of artists with regular opportunities to earn top rewards. As a #BrowBoss, we know you're not just a technician; you're an artist shaping confidence and beauty.  

Professional brow stylists, sign up to become an HD BrowBassador here.

For brow obsessed beauty lovers

The HD BrowBassador programme is also for those of our non-professional customers who love our make up range and have an eye for creating amazing content. By representing us on your social media channels and in the offline world, you’ll have the opportunity to tell the story of your individuality and in return enjoy gift cards, cash, and even free products. Your dedication to personalised and unique beauty deserves to be celebrated, and we're here to make it happen.

Beauty lovers, sign up to become an HD BrowBassador here

When you become an HD BrowBassador, you’ll receive your very own tracking link and the power to create custom discount codes. This means that every sale you refer through your unique link or code will earn you a commission, allowing you to turn your passion into profit. Whether you're a seasoned brow expert or a devoted fan of our products, this is your chance to monetize your influence.

It’s time to become an HD BrowBassador today and let your individual expertise flourish. We can't wait to see your brow looks.