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As many of you will have seen on our social media, we have been backstage at this year’s Dancing On Ice, getting all the celebs & professional skaters ready for their weekly live shows. Receiving the call back in January letting us know what our plans would be for the next 10 weeks was very exciting for all at HD HQ, especially our HD Brows Elite Training Team.

What’s it really like behind the scenes?

The set looks just as amazing in real life as it does on our TVs. On our first visit, Marcos (the lead make up artist) and his team made us feel extremely welcome; the whole team there are so friendly, and it has been amazing to work alongside such talented artists within the industry.

As the celebrity skaters started to fill up the room, our guys managed to keep their cool! Everyone was nothing but friendly and welcoming. It was time to do what our elite team do best and start transforming brows into pure perfection.

Jake was quick to give his top tips and guidance throughout the treatments. I’m sure you’ve all guessed buy now he’s the joker of the group. There’s never a dull moment when Jake’s around!

How did we work our brow magic on the cast?

Male grooming has been popular backstage, with a lot of the male skaters having some HD attention. Although many of them hadn’t had any type of brow treatment before, over the weeks they began to trust me and allowed me to tackle their brows. Everyone wanted to keep them manly but just slightly groomed and they couldn’t believe the difference it made to them. The clear Brow Beater has been the guys favourite.

Now for the ladies. They were so excited to have HD Brows! Everyone had their own style – from Corrie’s Brook and her brushed up brows (by the way, she’s addicted to our Colourfix) to professional skater Melody who loved our brow lightening treatment and Olympic gold medallist Perri and her power brows created with the Pro Pencil.

As the weeks have gone by, we’ve got to know the skaters really well. Everyone from the celebrities to the production team have been loving HD Brows and our treatments. Every week as we walk in, they all come running up to check they’re getting their brows done.

They love to show us where their brows have grown in and started to improve over the weeks. It has been super rewarding for all at HD HQ. It’s amazing knowing everybody is in love with the work that our team have been doing.

As the series comes to an end, we can honestly say its been such an amazing experience. As Brooke, Max and Jake all take to the ice for the big final, we’re sure (like us) you’ll all be taking a close look at their brows!