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With most individuals having access to their emails anytime and anywhere,  salons can effectively use this means of communication to promote their business. Here are our top tips for a successful email marketing campaign.

How do you build your email recipient database? Should salons use an email service provider or send from their own business account?

Data capture is so important and needs to be done at every opportunity. After all you can’t send emails without any email addresses. The easiest way is to ask clients in salon to write down their information in salon. Running a competition is a great way to capture data as it will entice clients to want to leave their information if they’re in with a chance of winning something. You need to make sure you’re capturing the right data; names, email addresses even their date of birth, so you can use these going forward to personalise emails or automate them surrounding their birthday etc.

Loyalty programs are also a great way to boost your potential clients (and in turn your database). A ‘recommend our salon to a friend and get 10% off your next treatment’ program is perfect. When the new client visits, you can capture their information too.

If you have a website, build in a pop up that appears when someone visits asking them to sign up. Again, if you can incentivise them with an offer, they’re more likely to sign up.

Every marketing activity that is done through your salon needs to be monitored. 1) So you know what works well and can work on making your campaigns as successful as possible but 2) so you’re not wasting time doing something if it doesn’t resonate with your clients. Using an email provider will do the hard work for you and show you reports, allowing you work on sending out emails with the best content, at the best times, to the right people.

With people inundated with emails every day, how can salons make sure their mailings stand out?

The first step is to make sure their emails are being opened. To do so, their subject line needs to be strong and enticing. It seems a hard task to make someone want to find out more with just a few words but with the right persuasive messaging, it can be done! Keep your subject lines short and to the point. We find snappy messages, mysterious messages that keep the user guessing, directing questions to your customers or messages with a sense of urgency tend to perform best. See our examples below.

  • Want 50% off your next treatment?
  • Now available in salon (but not for long)
  • 1 treatment, 1 hour, 1 set of beautiful brows
  • Your Friday treat awaits…
  • The secrets behind HD Brows: Revealed
  • Calling all lash lovers!

What content should be featured? What factors will make emails and/or newsletters stand out? (i.e. message relevance, subject lines, call to action, layout, design.)

As mentioned above, the content in the email means nothing if it’s not being opened. Ensure you spend time creating an engaging subject line. Only send emails including content you think your clients will want to hear about, things such as salon launches, special offers, benefits of the treatments you offer.

Always have a strong call to action, explicitly tell the user what you want them to do e.g. ‘BOOK NOW,’ ‘DISCOVER MORE,’ ‘SHOP HERE’. Design is key, make sure the imagery you use stands out and tells the story of the message you’re trying to portray. Keep the heading or key message near the top of email to draw the user to want to scroll down and find out more.

How often should emails be sent?

There’s no ‘one shape fits all’ when it comes to marketing. Every business, brand or salon is different and has a different target audience. The only way to learn the best performing times and the frequency to be sending emails is to test.

One month, try sending fewer emails and the next up the amount, then sit back and take a look at the results. Work out an average based on the action you wanted that customer to take. For example, if you wanted users to click a button to book a treatment, work out the average amount of clicks you received per email and the amount of bookings you received. If your average is higher when sending less emails, you know your audience are more engaged when not being hit with your emails too regularly.

How can salon owners monitor campaign response?

Most email providers should provide a way for salons to monitor the success of their email campaigns. A great (and free) email provider which is open for all and easy to use is MailChimp. Mailchimp will show you how many people have opened, clicked and interacted with your emails and at what time. It also shows you a comparison with the industry average, so you can see the areas you need to improve to compete with like minded businesses. Plus, you don’t even need to use a laptop – you can monitor all of your campaigns from your mobile.

Do you use emails to market your salon business? If you’ve never thought about this before and would like some advice from the team, we’re here to help! Message us through the Facebook Collective Group or email [email protected] if you have any questions.