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Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Here at HD HQ, we’ve been looking ahead to 2020 and predicting the eyebrow trends we’ll all be rocking next year. If you want to stay ahead of the trends, here are the 2020 eyebrow trends you need to know about.

The shadow brow

It’s time to dig out your eyebrow palette as the powder finish is back, but this time it’s letting your natural brow texture take centre stage. “It’s all about a light powder through the centre of the brow to give that shadow effect and add some dimension, while still keeping a natural finish,” says Lead HD Brows Stylist, Jamie Long. 

Image: @aniamilczarczyk

The toned down brow

If the bold, power brow look isn’t for you, you’ll love this brow trend. Brows take a more toned down effect, filled in lightly with a soft, slim eyebrow pencil that matches the natural shade of your hairs. It’s a pared back finish that sits perfectly in the middle of defined and totally au naturel.

Image: @ortalelimelah1

The (almost) mono-brow

If you feel like you’re forever plucking out strays from in between your brows, rejoice! It’s time to embrace your naturally full brows with this bold-yet-effortless look. Inspired by the likes of Sophia Hadjipanteli, the super full and fluffy brow of 2019 is here to stay but brows are kept a little closer in the middle for an even bushier appearance. “Don’t worry if you don’t have the natural growth for this look; you can fake it by adding a few hair strokes with a super fine tipped brow pencil,” recommends Jamie. “Having your brows closer together can even give the illusion of a longer, slimmer nose – instant contouring!” 

Image: @indiaalexandrial

The dewy brow

It sounds a bit strange, but bear with us on this one. Following on from the 2019 trend for glossy, glowing skin, brows are now getting a glistening makeover. Rather than high-shine, think more dewy, radiant and healthy. “Most brow gels dry to set the brows in place, so opting for a clear brow wax is ideal for achieving this look and adding that dewy finish,” explains Jamie.

Image: @milkmakeup

The windswept brow

After years of the brushed up brow being queen of the brow trend, it’s finally got some competition in the form of the windswept brow. “Think of it as a less crazy brow lamination look. Brows are more brushed up at the fronts but then the rest of the brow is brushed more towards the temples, adding texture & structure, ” says Jamie.

Image: @_jamielong_

The skinny brow

Could it be time for the skinny brow to make a return? “It feels as though brows can’t possibly get any bigger or more extreme, so maybe we’re about to do a full 360 and see skinny brows come back,” predicts Jamie. Let’s not forget when Rihanna rocked a skinny 90s brow on the cover of Vogue. If you’re wanting to give the look a go, we’d recommend asking your brow stylist to take your brows slightly slimmer with a defined shape to avoid DIY overplucking disasters. 

Image: @kennethsohmakeup

Which brow trend will you be wearing next year? Let us know in the comments below. 

Header image: @ortalelimelah1