Fox Brows: The Latest Trend You Need To Know About

7th May 2020 | By

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, ‘Fox Eyes’ have probably caught your attention.

With #FoxEye videos racking up nearly four million views on TikTok (where people have been shaving off part of their eyebrows in order to give the illusion of lifted eyes) it seems that everyone is obsessed with achieving the sculpted eye-look that the likes of Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber have been blessed with.

Well, move over Fox Eyes… we’re here for Fox Brows, and we’re obsessed. No shaving or surgery in sight!

What are Fox Brows?

Fox Brows is the technique we’ve been using to pull back brows (using brow tape) into a flat brow. So many make-up artists use brow tape to create a flat brow look. The ‘Brow Pull’ is HUGELY popular with models, working to create a ‘flatter’ brow while simultaneously acting as a face-lift to give a more youthful appearance. Using brow tape to lift your eyebrows also uplifts your eyes to give an elevated effect.

How do I create Fox Brows?

In our latest ‘Jamie Tries’ IGTV, our Lead Brow Stylist (Jamie) recently tried the Fox Brows trend using brow tape and also a more subtle method, ‘The Hair Pull.’ Jamie shows us just a few ways you can pull back your brows, so that you can create the sculpted, lifted eye-look of your dreams.

Love this look? Why not request a ‘flatter’ brow look at your next HD Brows appointment? They will be able to reshape your brows by lifting the arch, rather than you trying to take off too many hairs without professional help!


What about thread lifts?

There are loads of ways to create a ‘fox-like’ look, using either brow tape, liner or the most recent trend, non-surgical brow lifts (thread lifts). Thread lifts are a non-surgical brow lift that involves inserting a tiny, dissolvable thread into the face, which pulls up the skin. Technically, anywhere on the face can be lifted, however (thanks to the Kardashians and the pursuit of the ‘Insta-face’) many people are looking to lift the corners of their eyes.

Unless you’re seriously looking for a rejuvenating treatment that makes a subtle, yet visible, difference to sagging skin, you really don’t need a thread lift. Consider other options if you’re only interested in recreating an Insta-worthy look… try our Fox Brows technique demonstrated by Jamie in our tutorial above! Alternatively, you could try lifting and extending your brow arch using make up. The HD Brows Pro Pencil is one of a kind, and you can create the most realistic brow hairs possible (when using this pencil, don’t forget to purchase with the Pro Shaper so that you can sharpen the pencil).

Is the latest Fox Brow trend something you would try?

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