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Why do we highlight and contour? Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have made this trend what it is today, but really it’s been going on for years and one of the industries biggest tricks of the trade. We highlight and contour to achieve a perfect oval shaped face (which has been found by scientists to be the most desirable and attractive face shape). To do so, we need to asses our own face shape and decide what areas we want to disguise and what areas we want to shine through. For example, if you have a round face you can make it look thinner and if you have a square face you can make it appear curved… so what’s not to love !?

We’ve created the ultimate product that will make you highlight and contour like a pro, we introduce you to the Sculpt&Glow Palette.

“It blends seamlessly into the skin creating a beautiful, natural looking highlight and contour that appears to come from within the skin. It is the perfect product to sculpt and enhance features whilst remaining natural and radiant.” – Make Up by HD Brows Creative Director and celebrity MUA, Francesca Neill.

After moisturising, prepping the skin and adding your foundation base, apply our Sculpt&Glow Palette available in (light/medium and medium/dark) to create a beautifully soft yet buildable glow.

Step 1: Prepare your contour

Using the Buffer Brush and the dark contouring shade from the palette, apply a delicate line outlining where you want the contour to sit (which is under where the natural cheekbone falls). Press the colour along the jaw line and apply to the bridge of the nose if you wish to define these areas also.

Step 2: Blending

Take your Buffer Brush and blend any harsh lines with a circular motion. Feel free to add more colour and blend until you have reached the desired finish.

Step 3: Highlighting

The iridescent pink shade from the palette gives off a beautiful golden glow – perfect for creating dewy, radiant skin. Use your fingers to simply pat on the highlighting colour to the areas where light would naturally hit your face; top of the cheekbones, inner forehead, tip of the nose, cupids bow and even a touch on the centre of the chin.

Complete your look with a smokey eye design, Faux Lashes, a colour pop of blusher and of course, brows to envy!

Discover more about our fabulous Sculpt&Glow Palette here.

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