How eyebrow piercings are being styled

Influencer Emma Chamberlain with fake brow piercing

I think we can all agree that eyebrow piercings are very much in again. They seem to have reared their shiny little heads from the depths of the early 2000s and found themselves as a firm staple of the current Y2K fashion sphere. But as facial bling is becoming the next big thing, how are brows being styled around them?  

Image: @emmachamberlain

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Emma Chamberlain

Most recently, Youtuber and Podcaster Emma Chamberlain was photographed at the Alexander McQueen show during Paris Fashion Week sporting multiple faux piercings. Complimenting her fluffy laminated brows, the internet personality was seen sporting a faux eyebrow piercing and upper lip piercing to match.

Emma Chamberlain with fake brow piercing
Image: @emmachamberlain

Tara Yummy

TaraYummy is the Youtube sensation taking TikTok by storm with her grungy Y2K style. Standing out from the faux-piercing crowd, Tara’s got the real deal - an actual pierced brow.  Self-described as looking like “if Paris Hilton and Marylin Manson had a baby” Tara dons a super sleek, tweezed brow to accompany her edgy facial jewellery. 

Tara Yummy
Image: @tarayummy

Jacob Elordi / Felix

Of course, we have to talk Saltburn. Jacob Elordi's portrayal of posh boy Felix in Emerald Fennell's 2023 hit film has arguably triggered a resurgence of the trend. Elordi, the only man on our list, exudes influence, underlining the broader appeal of brow piercings and their role in shaping male beauty trends. 

Frankie Darling

MUA and Digital Creator, Frankie Darling continues to pair her editorial makeup looks with faux piercings to enhance her work. Allowing plenty of room for graphic eye makeup, Darling keeps her brows super skinny which compliments the numerous faux piercings adorning her arches, proving that brow styling can be a canvas for creativity. 

Frankie Darling
Image: @frankiedarling

It's safe to say that there is no one way to style an eyebrow piercing. Whether you like to keep brows simple and skinny to show off your jewellery, go for the laminated look or embrace a more natural brow, piercings are a fantastic way to highlight them! So, are you going to brave the needle or are you choosing faux piercings to slay the brow game?

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