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By now, most of us in the beauty industry have either returned to work or are getting ready to. Despite the initial excitement, returning to work after months at home can fill you with anxiety, especially when our industry means we have to come into close contact with people. These are unprecedented times, so it’s totally fine if you’re apprehensive about returning to the job that you love so much. 

The unknown can be a big trigger

The scariest thing about going back into salon is often the unknown. With the ever-changing situation and constantly evolving guidelines, it can be so hard to keep up. The government guidance isn’t always the clearest thing to get your head around but it’s super important. Be sure to follow helpful resources that make it much easier to digest the information that affects you and your business. The NHBF Instagram account breaks all the announcements down to give you the key details, and they push the government for clarity when necessary. Stay as up to date as you can, but don’t bombard yourself with information.

Fear of being in close contact

One of the biggest anxiety triggers for many in the beauty industry is being in close proximity with clients all day, especially when performing face treatments. Although it may seem daunting to be touching people (in some cases, complete strangers) when we’ve spent months socially distancing, we can assure you that you will be okay. Be sure to follow all the correct PPE and hygiene procedures to help you and your clients stay safe. If the prospect of being covid-compliant is too much, we’ve created a free Hygiene and Safety course to help you get #BackToBrows. 

Be prepared

The last thing you need is any additional stress, so get on top of those little tasks that could end up leading to stressful situations. Send out new appointment practices to all clients ahead of the time so they can be prepared. Get stocked up on treatment essentials and as you would for the festive period, as that’s how busy you’re likely to be. It’s better to be over prepared than get caught out in the middle of a hectic day.

No matter how you feel, it’s okay

Whether you’re really feeling the pressure or are as cool as cucumber, whatever you’re feeling is okay. We all handle situations and respond to things differently, so just because your friend is chilled out doesn’t mean you need to be. Self care is more important than ever, so be sure to take some time for yourself every day.

You’re not alone

With many people in our industry being self-employed, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone. However, please remember that you are part of a community of powerful business owners across the country. At HD Brows, we encourage all of our stylists to support each other via our private Facebook group, The HD #BrowBoss Collective. It’s an uplifting space where we encourage you all to ask for help, advice or support if you ever need it. Your fellow #BrowBosses and all of Team HD are here for you. 


The most important thing is to remember that this will pass. We’re all living through these unprecedented and by lifting each other up, the beauty industry will make it through the other side stronger than ever before. ♥️